Monday , October 25 2021

Measles: A large percentage of vaccinated children stand out


According to reports from the local vaccination area, the vaccine against measles, rubella and mumps has already been applied to 70% of the target population in the ten primary healthcare centers (Caps), which correspond to the Commune of the Autonomous Community.

In this sense, about 1,500 children have received a dose, while it is expected to reach a total of 2,800 children between 13 months and 4 years old.

The head of Vaccinations in the municipality of Diana Aguilera explained in an interview with El Territorio that "in this second month of the campaign we continued the modality of vaccinations in caps, although in October there was a greater influx.Now more than anything else, we are going out to get vaccinated in the field . "

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Public Health, the central zone of Uruguay, which has an objective population for vaccination of 10,388 children, by the beginning of this week and has been able to immunize 76% of this number.

On the other hand, after the first month of the National Campaign, the area covering the cities of Apóstoles, San José, Azara, Tres Capones and Las Tunas managed to complete 80% of immunized children in relation to the goal to be achieved. .

This is described by Ricardo Martinez, Program Area Manager in Health III Zone: "We had to get out to vaccinate over 3,700 children in the villages that make up this area. I can confirm that we have achieved the goals set by the 80% program for children with vaccine at this stage ".

In this respect, the official stressed the involvement of the team working in the field, which every day goes on tours of the districts "despite the fact that we had a few days of rain."

They also emphasized that they would strengthen the route in those houses where they had already gone and found no one, or the parents were not informed.

Vaccinations are in turn carried out in all public health centers and hospitals free of charge and there is no need to present a medical order.

In the entire province, the population to reach is 103 192 children, and the campaign, which ends on November 30, is free and compulsory.

"The measles is a highly contagious viral disease that can be obtained through contact with a measles patient." The virus can remain in a closed environment until two hours after a person leaves the place, "the head of the Directorate of Immuno-Renewable Diseases Control Nation, Cristian Biscayart.

On his side, Adolfo Rubinstein, National Health Secretary, was concerned because only 53% of boys who had received an additional dose of measles vaccine by the end of the month agreed to protect against this highly contagious infection.

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