Friday , July 30 2021

Maximo Gallardo: "What I love most is that Marcelo is the coach of the Argentine national team"

Maximo Gallardo, father of the doll, told us what his wishes for 2019 and He talked about the chances of his son as coach of the Argentine national team.

"People are looking for a lot for the national team, everyone wants it, but the national team is still not close to the ball, but I hope we can do well with this boy (SCaloni), because we all should want the national team to did well. I even listened to sports comments that said that Marcelo is number one candidate … And well, you are proud and take your breast when you listen to those things … " he said in an interview with Diario Ole.

He added: "What I love the most is to be the coach of the National Team, it will be best for me, I want a national team for him … But, from time to time, because he is now in the river, where he wants to be and where he wants Andor I think that they are stages that need to happen and there is still a lot to be given to the river. I always tell him to do what he feels. I'm already doing what I did, I'm full. " Do you fulfill the desire of the old man, Mujo?

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