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Maximo control of prestadoras medicines prepaga | …

The issue of unifying the directives of the preparatory medicine sector is in short supply by the administration of a control over the firms that may have disadvantaged the "constant and permanent maneuvering" in the tropics. "hayan reducer sued over 50 but cited in the last". Habré a cuatrimestral verification of the lords of the empresses in part of the information system of the Superintendent of Salud's Servicios. as they provide a means of preparing the preparations, the preparations appear to be "within a operational range of 2 to 4 per cent" and provide differential treatment in the importation of medicinal products that are not produced elsewhere.

“The sector is perpetuated by a modo lento pero. Hay una reducción del padron del orden del 3 al 4 de ciento el eltimo año de parte de primera crisis cambiaria. This is a peripheral of the empire and produce by goteo, but there is no single crisis crisis empire. But, no matter how many eco-economics planes, there are more and more plans for co-seguro. Como pasa en otros mercados, hay un reacomodamiento porque hay mucha offer. This is a case where my grandparents are in the private medical system, no matter what the medical system ”, indicates Jorge Piva, director general of Medifa.

As an embargo, all preparations are in sectors that may be precisely registered in the latest edition. A relative of the Observatory of the Politeches of the Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda (Undav) has a promo code that disparages 330 but censors these losers in the final quotes. "There is a growing number of private cases of private medicine representing 72.1 percent of media coverage and 30.4 percent of media coverage," said Undav. The preparations for this year are subject to 16.4 jobs in media jubilation and 8.9 jobs in media salaries between 2015 and 2019. However, there are no reports from the Center for Economic and Social Scalabrini Ortiz (CESO). advierte that "enduring the gambling of Cambiemos, the authorizations authorized in the preparations for the treatment of superficial medicine continue to be salaried." Featuring top performers in los salarios but 10 punts in 2016, 5 puns in 2017, 11 puns in 2018 and 6 goals in 12 wins in 2019 ”.

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