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Maurizio Macri's Intimate Recognition in the Face of the Financial Crisis – 04/25/2015

The financial storm of this week began two days before the markets were distressed and installed tembladeral, this Thursday, in the Cabinet. It was Monday when Wall Street's "wolves" made a secret and violent decision: do not reinvest in Argentine bonds, not a dollar from the millionaire they charge in that day – the Casa Rosada.

That day, the Ministry of Finance paid external maturity for an incredible $ 3,500 million. The president's resolution was concrete: respects external obligations to generate greater international confidence in Argentina. But the opposite effect happened. Wall Street appropriated the funds and took a drastic resolution: not to reinvest in Argentina. In other words: They collected $ 3,500 million and took all the money in the United States. This was confirmed Clarin in official sources. There is a report from the Ministry of Finance that confirms it.

The attitude of the investment funds caused it to be public on Thursday: the massive sale of bonds and distrust that led to the country's risk of 1,000 points.

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Beyond they argue there is great distrust towards Casa Rosada and what will happen after December.

Then, it appeared annoyance of businessmen for the electoral hand of changes and versions of resignations in the Cabinet. It also influenced the political decision to "close the door" for a possible change in the presidential formula of Cambiemes. Mauricio Macri – the same Monday – against the institution said: "The candidate is me". Maria Eugenia Vidal completed the Qiepis: "I am a candidate for governor".

For businessmen, he completely closed Vidal's promotion of the presidential candidacy It was a very serious mistake at Casa Rosada. It is known that Nicky Caputo himself – a friend of the soul of Makri – has suggested to the president to withdraw from his candidacy. In UIA and ADEBA know the government's secret survey: Makri has only 24% of the vote today. The issue was discussed at the presidential meetings with the governors of Cambiemes.

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On Tuesday, there was an intensive exchange of background ideas. The couple Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales have taken the offensive. Cornejo proposed changes to the ministers and Makri strongly defended the task of Nicholas Duovny. It is your contact with the IMF. The focus of the discussion focused in a warm hypothesis that Makri is getting off in the presidential election.

Makri was clearly opposed to this proposal, and also made cosmetic changes in the Cabinet. At that moment, he repeated the arguments he used only with his intimacy in Olivos. He said: "This is not a personal thing or pride." He added: "My first priority is to complete my mandate only after I try to win the next election."

"The decision – he said – as the proposed it could complicate the transit to December. "

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Maria Eugenia Vidal and Horocio Rodriguez Larretta remained cautious. Penya rejected any attempt to reduce candidacy. Cornejo insisted: Change – also – need to assess alternatives if Makri does not improve in projections. "I repeat," the president said, "it's not about his own. Who guarantees that I will get off and Maria Eugenia will win the election? " After the debate was relaxed and it was agreed that the radical's door to be a candidate for vice-president is not closed.

The sign confirms the transcendence of Casa Rosada: The relationship between the President and Haima Duran Barba Chidi. "Guruto" does not give meaning and claims that, in a crisis, you must always look for a "scapegoat". JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citicorp and UBS made critical reports about their customers. Banks involve local research in their analysis. Try it out – It's true- in many cases they have no scientific rigor. But they set a trend.

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JP Morgan's latest document reflects that anxiety. The work that Diire Pereira explained on his first page exhibits a historical series of the evolution of polls between Makri and Christina. That's why this week also hit the Wall Street report that members of the Ellipsis consulting services were made in Manhattan. It is run by a passionate Makrista defender Eduardo Levi Yehiti.

The elipse directors told investors that the latest poll by Luciano Cohan says Vidal is a better candidate than Makri and that he beat Christina with five points. At Casa Rosada, they insist that this presentation was what motivated the Thursday's additional attack on bondholders. Guido Sandleris and Duvven were on Thursday night at Casa Rosada. He had constant contacts with Makri. Everything can happen. Government is trying to change serious political and economic mistakes. Among them:

  • Polarization strategy with Christina, which was already foreseen
    it has become a boomerang for economic confidence.
  • Accept from the monetary fund currency band which prevents BCRA from acting to defend the currency.
  • And validate – also the IMF – a sales model with no surprises of $ 60m a day. It is a strong task and complex Makri does not want to become an impossible mission.

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