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Mauricio Macri and his dramatic race against the clock – 16.04.2015

"April, perhaps, I'm lost. If low inflation is not confirmed in May, we will be fried. " The comment slammed with regrets one of the few ministers with a density in Maurizio Macri's government. It happened shortly after bleaching at 4.7% in the price increase Index published in March. This year accumulates 11.8%. 54.7% in the last twelve months. Bad news was expected. But, anyway it struck with depth.

That calculation, very tight, shows the political margin that is continued consumption to change. The May index will be released only in June. On the 22nd of this month, they will close the candidate lists for the August PAS. The president, with the wind in favor, there will be two months and a peak to try to restore social expectations that are in the slide a year ago. When market movements are forced to bury gradual.

If all this works according to these assumptions, Makri will have a few more months before the October vote. And thirty additional days if you're ready to put yourself in the November vote. That road should be watered with economic news that fosters people's hope. Miracle for Argentina's unreliable reality. The re-election of the president depends on.

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Threatened by this panorama, it seems that the government has entered a time of urgency and improvisation. Something is noticeable: the story makes water on all four sides. The president was proactive and ordered the program. He foresaw the terrible news of the inflation peak. But he argues that it is necessary to reach the summit to begin the real turnaround. Something difficult to understand in economic theory. Also, from the common sense of politics. The government has lost its practices and the public discourse on inflation.

Makri went on Wednesday, ahead of the start of Holy Week, announcing new measures aimed at curbing inflation and reviving depressed spending. It will be a new line for the opening of his government that will be linked to the progress of the election campaign. For this reason, the mix of measures that seemed to contradict the presidential ideology would not matter. There is not so much enlargement of the articles on the prices that he cares about. The greater surprise caused in her emphasis is placed, so the big supermarket chains – fixers of prices – now need to be checked with rigor. Although without a gun at the table, as former Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno once was, in front of a group of businessmen.

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Together with those heterodox measures, imposed by the circumstances, the President has achieved another goal. It was after Washington's transition to Nicholas Dueven, Finance Minister, and Guido Sandleris, head of the Central Bank. In the middle was the dialogue with Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Finally, the Central Bank ordered freezing by the end of the year at the exchange rate. Contribution from Lagard to the Change campaign. That a good part of the bureaucratic staff of the financial institution does not end up sharing. The ceiling will be at $ 51.45 and the floor of $ 39.75.

The government assumes that this mechanism will allow two things. Greater stability of the US currency. Therefore, a small price hike. In addition, the possibility of lowering the interest rate to help a productive asphyxia in which all sectors fell through the recession. From that station we are changing, we hope that we will be able to recover.

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So many swipes, some desperate, they are starting the inevitable political tension in the official coalition. Maria Eugenia Vidal makes commendable efforts to inflate the air in the perforated image of Makri in Buenos Aires. But political coordinates often do not achieve convergence. The governor announced on Tuesday an agreement with teachers in Buenos Aires. Lawsuit that began in 2016 almost without interruption. Agreement on inflation every three months, a recompense of 15.6% for 2018 on the basic salary. Also payment of the strike days that are being renewed. Roberto Barradel, the leader of Suteba, a real Bishop K, almost ran out of place to raise the differences in the election year, in which the priority is to beat Vidal in October. Found a gap in the interpretation for the stormy days. For the leader of the union, school content should be returned, but not the days.

Resolving the conflict was necessary for Vidal. So many years of rubbing were exhausting for the governor. Even in public opinion about Buenos Aires. The woman is trying to raise her good image to compensate for the fall of Makri. But there will be good news that is worth when a price increase corrodes your pockets.

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Vidal had an intense participation in the package of measures announced by Macri. An emergency also prompted the president to seek again a tip from Hortio Rodriguez Larreta. The head of Buenos Aires also has no luck. Manage many things, some of the size, in the city. He held mega-entertainment over the weekend to show the new pedestrian street on the Corrieri Avenue. Inflation kills every party. In addition, the mayor will lose some perspective. It installs automatic garbage containers. They only open with a magnetic card. Worth, but harmonious involvement, perhaps, in major cities like London or Bern. Chruncher Juan Grauis spoke with his usual contract: he described "Imbecile" the Social Movement initiative is already promoting a boycott.

The other guests at the last moment of the presidential emergency were the radical partners. There are governors Alfredo Cornejo, from Mendoza, and Heral Morales, from Jujuyi. But for three weeks, at least, former senator Ernesto Sanz flies from San Rafael, closes the Swedish Swedish lawyer and enters Olivos and Casa Rossada. The central idea is not to debate now the possible companies in the formula of a reggaeist. The criterion to make Macri understand that Cambiemes should function definitely as a management company prevails.

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Despite the circulation of intense rumors, there is no possibility that the radical convention would not ratify its support for Macri. Dissidents exist and are known where they emigrated. But there was an engineer's decision to help Korneho, the head of the party. He urged Omar de Marchi to resign from his application for the PRO in Mendoza, in order not to compromise the victory of the current governor's department. The fight has not ended.

Maccrists, in the middle of the storm, always make room for some appearance that compensates for the current pessimism. They highlight the experience in San Juan, where perronist Sergio Unnik won a huge victory. But Cambiemos made 32% of the vote. They notice what happened last weekend in Entreos. The perronist Gustavo Bordeaux, who, as Unak united all Peronist lines even to K, won 58% with more than twenty points of difference. Let's change collected almost 34%. In the middle of the crisis, these beans are cited as never before.

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