Monday , August 2 2021

Market Porteña closes almost stable (the country's risk falls again)

On The biggest drop was registered with the shares of Edenor (-4.3%), Mirgor (-4.2%) and Komercijalna del Plata (2.7%). While the most significant increases were recorded by Petrobras (1.9%), Aluar (1.5%) and Ternium (1.1%).

The country's risk falls again after a four-year rise, at a time when government bonds returned to the back of the portfolio's rebuilding, traders say.

On the country's risk rating, measured by JP Morgan Bank, was at the level of 769 units, after hovering around 838 units in the last week of 2018, the highest since October 2014.

At the same time, Wall Street collapsed after Apple cut its sales forecasts and lost nearly 10 percent, and the United States showed an unexpected weakness in the manufacturing sector.

Industrial average Dow Jones lost 2.8% to 22,686.42 points, Nasdaq sank 3.1% to 6,457.13, and the S & P 500 fell 2.5% to 6,457.13, according to preliminary data.

Apple's action had the worst day of 2013 to fall by 10% to 142.19 dollars and the company reduced its market value by about $ 75,000 million.

Apple said it saw more "sudden slowdowns in the economy" than was expected in China and emerging markets, which along with the commercial strike between Washington and Beijing will sell less iPhone, its main product.

"The local market was associated with avatars coming from the north, where after five days Wall Street adjusted down because of bad news for Apple," said Eduardo Fernandez, Rava Bursatil.


In the segment with fixed income, major sovereign bonds denominated in dollars closed differently. The Bonar 2024 rose by 0.7%, a discount under the Argentine law rose 1.7% and the 100-year bond climbed 2.9%; while Bonar 2020 reduced by 0.4%.

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