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Mariano Judaica responded to Karla Conte's harsh accusations

After the driver assured that "they all had an ugly episode" with him, his colleague repeated the statements Source: Archive

When a few days ago, in the program
which drives on the screen of Elnueve, must be seen,

Denis Dumas

revealed that they suffered a "personal episode" with

Mariano Iúdica

– which resulted in her husband,
Martin "Campi" Campilongo, almost "go in the arms" with the driver of
Turned on and
Controversy at the bar -,

Carla Conte

he alluded
the testimony of Denis on Twitter.

"I do not know what they are talking about, but there is almost no woman who did not have an" ugly episode "with @ iudica, she devotes herself to it, and there is much that the episode of the word is too short for them, Bessis," writes Karla. in the social network. Recall that a few years ago, in an interview with Karla Czudnowsky in
Hard to tame, Conte also expressed his refusal that his colleague generates: "In
This is the show I was playing at Carlos Paz, with all my level … disgustingly, one thing that made me vomit all the time was the same every day. With funny I do not handle in any way, nor do I work with him again. "

Finally, it was the visible face of
Turned on who referred to the words of both drivers. In a dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in
Agarata Catalina from La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad, Judica assured that "when you are in the ring, you beat up" and clarified what happened to Dennis. "It happened 10 years ago, it was really fun because with Campi we were in the air
ShowMatch and we talked about who is right about the note while Marcelo [Tinelli] I spoke with one meter, now we are laughing at it, "he explained.

As for the strong statements of Conte, Judica said that he decided not to be part of the circulation, although the charges did not affect him. "Having made the decision not to get into controversy, it's not my style, so I'm not doing it, it does not hurt, and it's not something I want to include in (…) I'm at the best moment of my life "he concluded. .

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