Monday , May 17 2021

Marcelo Tinelli decided in the last minute a change with the jury he had with unexpected consequences

Change at the last minute! Marcelo Tinelli made the decision to make a sudden change with the jury that ended with unexpected consequences.

The driver changed the course to the choreography of Mika Viciconte when he announced "Vote to Mrs. Lawrence Fernandez, but before you vote, gentlemen … Vote now? Well, go ahead, vote now."

"I want to say hello to Leandro, a great folklore teacher …", Lauria had been interrupted by the driver.

Marcelo asked: "Sorry, Laura, Before voting, Ms. Florencia Peña will vote. "

"Yes, the same … Well, give it", The jury was surprised.

Marcelo justified it "We are Friday, it is divine, we are skipping, Mrs. Florencia Peña …"

And the return of Laurie never arrived, because when she was her order she refused to give it and she qualified Mika directly with five, which aroused the wrath of the corrupt savior.

Everything is tainted!

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