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Marcela Feudale intimate: "I never got the love of my life" – 11/07/2018


He owns one of the most infectious laughter on TV. Accompany each night to Marcelo Tinelli in the expression Showmatchand has a huge experience inside. But little is known about his private life, because Marcel Feudale is characterized by a low profile.

That's why he surprised him with open conversation, which he conducted as part of the cycle Show Show, which Ulises Jaitt leads in Radio Urbana on Mondays at 20:00 He talked about intimate and personal things. From love to motherhood.

Radio Marcel Feudale runs a radio program on Rivadavia. Photo: Lucia Merle

Radio Marcel Feudale runs a radio program on Rivadavia. Photo: Lucia Merle

"I am alone, without chongos, absolute male absence, I have seven thousand things and everything is very complicated. One of them is the head that sees where to resist all the economic attack we have, "Feudale replied to the question of whether it was in hand.

After the speaker and panelist extended the concept: "I never got the love of my lifeI fell in love twice: once when I was very stupid and this boy, I suffered and suffered a lot when we cut her because she left meWhen I was a big girl, I was also in love and the rest were comics. I was unfaithful, I do not believe in faithfulness, we are unfaithful by nature, it depends on the case in which I will forgive infidelity. "

In addition, he explained why he never had children. "I would not want to be a mother. It is not something that I programmed in my life to be a mother, I felt that it took a lot of freedom. Today I present it differently, but if I were now a mum, I would be too big when I was a teenager and I do not know if he would understand his time. I would suffer a lot "- he argued.

Marcela admitted that "The most difficult moment in my life was the death of my old man"and talked about current problems such as sexual violence, sexual harassment, abortion law and others.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez are fighting.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez are fighting.

"I suffered from psychological violencethat threaten you that they are saying "look, do it, because it bothers me" is a kind of violence. The idea is to press it to act in a certain way. "

"I have a form of harassment configured as something else, harassment is when you say "no" from the beginning and persecute you foreverSometimes they consider persecution a game of love. "

He said about the law of abortion that he is "For decriminalizationthere are many women who have no information or the opportunity to learn about many things that are related to abortion. "

He was blunt to death: "I am not a believer, because Argentine justice is a catastrophethen they will regret it, it's like a bullet that Chocobar jumped on the sidewalk and killed the thief. We do not know if Nisman was killed or committed suicide.

He also referred to the anecdote that he had to live on a paranormal situation: "My friend stopped seeing him many years ago, One day I worked and felt a hand that touched me, I automatically remember your phone number, When I got home, I called him and he did not attend, and after 3 days I found out he was dead.

Feudale also gave your opinion on the legalization of marijuana: "With the consumption of drugs, I have a problem with the problem that arises. When a person has resources to deal with it, he can not be spoiledWhen legalization means that children consume paco, they will be able to eat it, what they say "Being intoxicated is divine" is an apology. As a society, we are not prepared. "

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