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Maradona. The judicial hypothesis of death derived from irregularities is growing

Doctor Leopoldo Luce and Diego Maradona, shortly after the last operation

Without a doubt. It states with certainty: “No one controlled the patient”. His next sentence is forced: “As the investigation progresses, the working hypothesis that there was an improper operation is increasing.”. Thus, 10 days from the death of Diego Armando Maradona, a qualified source with access to the file summarized the status of an open case to determine whether there was a crime in the circumstances surrounding the death of the world football star.

Suspected are neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luke and psychiatrist Agustina Kosachev. the two professionals who, according to the document involved in the lawsuit, were Maradona’s “medical team” during his stay at a rented house in the closed Andres neighborhood of the Tigre.

“Every new element that is inserted in the case strengthens the temporary hypothesis that there were irregularities in the treatment that Maradona received.We are faced with the possibility that a crime has been committed. “We can say we will face a guilty murder,” the consulting court source claimed.

Article 84 of the Criminal Code provides for a sentence of one to five years in prison for those who, due to recklessness, negligence or lack of skill in their profession, cause the death of another.

To determine whether there was a crime in the circumstances surrounding Maradona’s death, which occurred on the 25th of last month, San Isidro Attorney General Broon Bryad is coordinating a special team of investigators, made up of his two deputies, Cosme Iribaren and Patricio Ferrari, and Benavides’s lawyer, Laura Capra.

Once the evidence-gathering phase is complete and the results of the complementary studies of the autopsy operation (toxicological and histopathological expert opinions) are submitted to the prosecutors, a medical board with prestigious professionals of various specialties will be convened to determine whether there was medical negligence. Maradona care.

Document showing investigators that Diego Maradona did not receive medical discharge from the Olivos Clinic
Document showing investigators that Diego Maradona did not receive medical discharge from the Olivos Clinic

As he could have known THE PEOPLE, Key to the detectives in the case is the document that signed Maradona’s release from the Olivos Clinic, where he underwent surgery on the 3rd of last month for a subdural hematoma of the head. The report was signed by Luke, Diego’s two daughters, Ioannina and Jana, and the home’s medical director, Pablo Dimitrof.

The document states that Maradona did not have a medical discharge, but an external discharge and that Swiss Medical proposed to continue psychiatric, clinical and rehabilitation and toxicological treatment under the modality of hospitalization in a rehabilitation center. It happened on the 12th of last month and the coach of the Gymnasium and Esgrima La Plata left the Olivos Clinic in a rented house in the San Andres neighborhood of Tigre.

In one of the passages, Luke and Kosachev were defined as a “healing medical team” and it was claimed that the professionals “prescribed, and the family accepted follow-up and home medical care of the patient” and asked Swiss Medical to carefully accompany nursing homes and therapeutic escort “.

“Medical follow-up is the responsibility of the medical team and professionals selected by the patient and his family, outside of Swiss Medical,” said one of the last paragraphs, the basic lines for researchers where Luke and the psychiatrist will be held accountable.

According to evidence gathered by court investigators so far, Maradona’s domestic internment “was a total disorganization.”

Psychiatrist Agustina Kosachev, under court suspicion
Psychiatrist Agustina Kosachev, under court suspicion Credit: Catch

“There was no patient monitoring and monitoring system. We have proven that there is a clinical doctor who may have gone to see Maradona in the Tigre once or twice, but we do not know what he did. We have not accredited the presence of a cardiologist treating his heart disease. “According to the autopsy, Maradona died of acute, congestive and chronic heart failure, which caused acute pulmonary edema.

The role of Luke

A source who knew in detail the relationship between Maradona and the neurosurgeon explained about it THE PEOPLE that “every medical practice performed on Diego was defined by Luke.” And I add: “Luke is a good boy. A fan of Maradona. He wanted to be a world champion, to go down in history as the doctor who saved Diego. But he signed the release and now he has to take it.”

Luke was the target of Maradona’s daughters, Dalma, Ioannina and Jana, who testified before prosecutors in charge of the investigation. “Even the podiatrist who visited Diego to cut his nails had to ask Luce for permission to go to the house,” Diego’s heirs said, as he was able to reconstruct it. THE PEOPLE.

“Maradona blindly trusted Luke,” added a source familiar with the doctor-patient relationship. He added: “Diego was convinced that his neurosurgeon had operated on a subdural hematoma, but although he was among the team of professionals in the operating room, he did not operate on him.”

Kosachev prescribed Maradona a series of drugs commonly used in patients with alcohol dependence, depressive symptoms and, ultimately, anxiety, but, according to court sources, there was no control over whether the prescribed drugs could be counterproductive for a heart patient who suffered by the former football player.

Leopoldo Luke envisioned a possible court measure and was released from prison
Leopoldo Luke envisioned a possible court measure and was released from prison Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabian Marelli

No one controlled the chaos that ensued. Maradona was in an inappropriate place for his medical examination. Investigators in the case are delighted that the patient has not been followed. There were no gadgets or technology for transmitting warning signals. “The medical treatment Maradona received was far from the art of healing and medical science,” a source familiar with the investigation told LA NACION.

Luke benefited in the final hours of his release from prison, a measure demanded by his defenders, Julio Rivas and Mara Diguni. Bailiff Orlando Diaz understood, according to his resolution, that “the principle of outpatient freedom during the process” should prevail.

“Based on the legal qualification [homicidio culposo] I can only show that the procedural situation of the appointed Luke is included in the hypothesis considered in Article 169, paragraph 1 of the Law on Criminal Procedure. [donde se dan las bases para las excarcelaciones] since the maximum amount of the sentence for the crime he faces does not exceed eight years of imprisonment, while the minimum of that sentence is less than three years of imprisonment, an extreme that determines that, in case of a conviction, this may be a suspended sentence “, Said the judge in his decision.

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