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Makri announces consumption measures and suspends the tour

It will start again with Care Prices and Progressive Plan; does not travel to France, Switzerland or Belgium Source: File – credit: credit: Eitan Abramovich / AFP

Mauricio Macri
today announced a series of measures aimed at reactivating consumption, which fell by 8.7% last month. The president will start the pricing program with a special emphasis on the list that will include about 60 basic basket products; will present three credit lines (Anses, Better Home and Procrear) and will freeze public service rates by the end of the year.

It will not be the only news that you need to talk about during the day:
Makri decided last night to end the international tour that will take him to Belgium, France and Switzerland next week. "You must be in the country at this time," officials said. In Belgium, the president plans to see King Philip and visit the European Union headquarters. At the 29th he was scheduled to meet with his French counterpart Emanuel Macron, as well as to participate in the country's meetings to join the OECD. The tour ended at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

Today's announcement will be the government's response to inflation in March of 4.7 percent. The president will give a clear reference to the consequences that the supermarkets will have if they fail to honor the contracts. The government will launch a "phase of improvement" to the antitrust law, as expected from official sources. Thus, Casa Rosada will have more tools to handle in cases of commercial infidelity.

But that's not all. "There will be surprises," said three sources at Casa Rosada. As you may know
THE NATION, a new call for the Procrear program will be announced, for which 10,000 first domestic credits will be given. The state subsidy will be in the order of 550,000 to 600,000 dollars per loan, but with one variant: the rate of the banks will not be subsidized, but the money will be used by the Anses Guarantee for Sustainability Guarantee (FGS) as an enhancement of liquidity so that the banks they rely. It is estimated that the average wage bill will be around $ 53,000.

Macri will also present novelties in the plan for a better home, which finances connections to the gas network.

Makri, yesterday, at Casa Rosada
Makri, yesterday, at Casa Rosada Credit: a press conference

Last night, the president's team was still working on the announcement. Although initially speculated to launch a new edition of AHORA 12, there was finally no agreement with the banks.

The president will present in the fifth of Olivos. As this type of event usually does, it will hold a speech, and then the ministers will explain the effects of the measures. In general, there will be Caroline Stanley (Social Development), Dante Sike (Production and Labor) and Nicholas Dueven (Finance).

The government has been trying to explain in the last few hours that this is not a plan, but measures complementary to the economic program. This includes the contract that was signed yesterday with Buenos Aires Teacher Teacher Maria Eugenia Vidal and the presentation by Central Bank President Guido Sandleris, who informed that he would freeze the banknote exchange ceiling from here until the end of the Maccrat Maccrat.

"They are necessary complementary measures for the monetary fiscal program and they are adapting to the difficult current conjuncture," official sources explain. The central aim of the ads is to generate a "sense of relief" in the middle class and among the most vulnerable sectors most affected by inflation, which ended the first quarter with an increase of 11.8%.

Today's staging is part of the head of state's commitment to the five governors of change last week after several days of tensions and demands.

Although they will not be present today, the government worked with the provincial leaders as part of the measures. In addition, he also presented the presentation at the presentation of Deputy Elisa Kariot, leader of the Civil Coalition.

With the current election campaign and the middle and lower classes in sight, the government is trying to regain the initiative.

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