Sunday , June 13 2021

Makri and Christina's defeat in Neuquén increased enthusiasm in the alternative federation

The election result in Neuquén province caused enthusiasm inside Federal alternative. There were two clear losers behind the candidacies of Cambio and Unidad Ciudadana: Mauricio Macri and Christina Kirchner. Double damage, if transferred to the national scene, was left unharmed in the masses of Massa, Urtubay, Pibeto and governors. Not only that. Generated expectation. It was, as they understand in federal peronism, an example of how damaged the images of the president and the former head of state.

The difference of 14 points between Governor Omar Gutierrez and Udinad Ciudadana's candidate Ramon Rioseko It turned out to be a big blow to Kirchner and Kristina Kirchner. The former president went completely into the campaign, approved the Formula Former Mayor of Cutral Co with deputy Dario Martinez and recorded a place of support in the run-up to the election. He reassured the project that was diluted at dusk on Sunday.

At the Patriot Institute there was an expectation of a possible outcome in the Neuken elections. They thought they could fall. This was marked by surveys that they consumed. They were all wrong. The strategic move did not have a good result. The provincial army that was created by the former secretary of the presidency Oscar Parilli He broke two hours after the election. At that time, in the B bunker, they already warned of the heavy defeat in Buenos Aires, the leaders of the perronists facing Christina Kirchner analyzed the result as a benefit to the project they were promoting.

"It is a blow to Unidad Ciudadana and it needs to strengthen the process of building a Federal Alternative", reflects the legislator who contributes to the creation of space. Another leader who became a key player in the peronist structure was more resolute: "If we make good progress, we will hit the sign and leave third place on Cambiemes". In the Federal Alternative they renewed expectations and illusions. The first election test for the year left a signal that they were perceived as positive. A new impulse to grow in the midst of the crack and before the rejection concentrated by Makri and Christina.

The hypothesis we are changing is in third place based on the research they mark wide rejection of the leadership of Makri and an increase in the negative image of the president. In addition to the complex economic situation and internal fractures of the coalition, the possibility of defeating the head of state has been analyzed more seriously within the Federal Alternative. A few months ago, they thought it was hard to beat. Today's management indicators give them the opportunity to believe that they can win you.

Neuquen's election was a show of weakness that the government only knew how to support resignation, because it worried more about the triumph of Christina's candidate from the position of the candidate for Cambiemes.. Horacio "Peci" Kiroga was in third place, 25 points behind Omar Gutierrez, the winner. Makri's defeat also ignited warning lights in the Federal Alternative. Its leaders are convinced that the president balances in order not to fall above the ruin and that the Argentines will no longer restore their confidence as they did in 2017. Based on this position, they understand that they must speed up the definitions of candidacies.

The strikes that McCree and Christina got back opened the way for federal perronism to go, despite the parallel negotiations that governors in each province have with Kirchner. That middle road is no longer just anchored in the construction of an alternative, but in the need to channel a new political structure, where Christina Kirchner is not the leader of the space. In this case, the expanded unit with Unidad Ciudadana will be the subject of debate at the end of the road.

The progress of the clock and the timing of the definitions is approaching. Every provincial election will be a sign of approval or disapproval tied to the figures of Makri and Christina. The next election is Black River. And Kirchnerstvo, in turn, dreams of hitting the board and achieving management in the hands Martín Soria. In federal peronism they are waiting, scrambled, about the results of the election. In the middle of the election signals, they will finally try to achieve the volume desired for a presidential match.

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