Friday , October 18 2019
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Make sure that 25% of jobs by 2022 will be new professions – Telam

25% of global jobs in 2022 will respond to new professions associated with the cloud, activities that today also have a specific demand in Argentina.

The forecast is that around 133 million new roles will be created tailored to the division of labor between people, machines and algorithms; and that the demand for experts in the new disciplines should be accelerated.

In that sense, a private poll found that more than 500 searches on cloud computing were published in Argentina in the last 30 days.

"These are new work profiles stemming from new technologies," said the local subsidiary of SAP's technology company.

Globally, companies are already seeking expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, large data, information security, process automation, user experience, design interaction between machines and people, robotics or blockbuster.

According to Forbes, at present there are about 19 million jobs worldwide that apply exclusively to cloud computing, known as the cloud, which offers an average salary of US $ 90,000 per year.

The three countries that are leading this trend are China, the United States and India.

In Argentina, companies are demanding generic profiles of a cloud architect, engineer, sales specialist in the cloud, a security specialist or a functional cloud consultant, they said.

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