Saturday , July 31 2021

Madonna broke the silence for her alleged implants in the butt

"I'm desperately looking for someone's approval … and with the right to free will on my body, like everyone else! Thank you 2019! It will be an incredible year." The artist added hashtags: # free, # empty, # NoaLaDiscriminaci√≥n and # sinmiedo.

The artist did not deny or confirm If you have succumbed to an increase in your buttocks, you just looked for respect.

During the show, the singer admired her followers by singing "As a prayer" and "I can not fall in love" to Elvis, with her 13-year-old son who accompanied her with a guitar. However, what attracted attention was the appearance of his silhouette.

"Lord, what did Madonna do in the ass?" Asked a user on Twitter.

"The worst thing about the end of 2018 is the learning that Madonna has implants," another follower said.

"Madonna should leave her butt implants," another condemned another.

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