Monday , August 2 2021

Madness at the La Plata Terminal: The man beat the worker because he could not pull a warrant

A few seconds later they were living in the bus terminal of La Plata when a man was brought up against a worker who was present because he could not pull the parcel. The victim repeatedly explained that the delivery service was completed. At one point, the attacker jumped over the counter and beat him.

The episode took place last weekend at the Platbus cashier's vault, which operates in the terminal, located between 4th and 42nd streets. The aggressor came to the building to look for an envelope, but found that he could not do it, because the service delivery was granted by another company that was closed.

"The issue is that we receive the parcels, but we do not give them. That's what's responsible for another agency: we send them and keep them," the employee said. "I wanted to explain this to the man, but he was very persistent when he told me he needed it at that moment"he added, for the discussion that lasted 40 minutes.

A man hit a worker because he could not deliver his assignment.
A man hit a worker because he could not deliver his assignment.

In a dialog with TN, the victim said that the client's violent reaction is not expected at any time. "He went in and left the premises several times when I told him that there was no way to deliver the order his face changed and jumped on the counter"he said.

After being beaten, the worker quickly filed the complaint and provided evidence of the security cameras at the site, which recorded the whole event. "I have already introduced the shooting to the police station, because it is something that has no words to describe it. So much aggression for something so simple"he concluded.

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