Sunday , April 11 2021

Louise Skalella, producer of the film on the river, sprinkles against Boca

Louis Skalela, producer of the film "River, the largest ever", he went through No Tres Pasa and told details of the film in review of his premiere.

"We started by the end of '16, with Madrid we had to change the film, it was one of the films that took me the most labour, we had 20 thousand hours of editing material, and then came Lanús, stopped at the end of '39 17, it was not a moment, another was expected, and the match with Boca in Mart del Plata came. Copa Libertadores against Boca was the end, so we had to change between 25 and 30 percent, "he recalled. .

Also, the producer said that they are related to the darkest moments of Millionaire: "There is a reference, not an origin, but on a pamphlet, speak (Matthias) Almeida of the category in which the River was, which was not how people reacted." And he talked about his vision of the facts: "(Daniel) Pasarela is not in the film, neither as a player and (Jose Maria) Aguilar, nor have leaders."

The businessman also had time to chant Boca: "I think the river is in an unbeatable situation. At the bottom of my heart I think Alberto J. Armando is a national lie, one in half plus one"he threw, to free up controversy.

Finally, there was an incident about his girlfriend, actress and host Flavia Palmiera, fanatical. "My partner is forbidden to visit the stadium, because they kill her, they drive the days of a fan in Boca, when the games start, she pulls me out of the house, can not be on the show, we will not create a violent situation on the ground from the river , and she will not go. "

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