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Live: Live transmission of the arrival of OSIRIS-REx on the asteroid Bennu – 12.03.2013

After the celebration of Mars's successful launch of Insight, NASA there is a new challenge ahead: this Monday, the OSIRIS-REx boat it will reach the asteroid Bennu, called the "asteroid of death". Rich in carbon, this celestial body can contain the chemical predecessors of the origins of life and oceans on our planet, and therefore the research on its surface is so important.

The mission can be seen in live around the world In Argentina, for now, the arrival of the probe will be transmitted from 13:45 on Monday via the channel of NASA on YouTube.

How to monitor the arrival of the OSIRIS-REx on the Bennu asteroid live

The purpose of the mission is to collect a sample of rough surface layers and returned with her on Earth. However, before you do all this on a spacecraft will set aside for nearly two years to list the contours.

It is estimated that around July 2020 the ship will briefly touch the surface of the Bennu to collect at least 60 grams (equivalent to about 30 sugar packs) on the ground and rocks.

The spacecraft will then pack the specimen into a capsule and return to Earth, dropping that capsule in the wilderness of Western Utah in 2023, where scientists will wait to take it.

The time of arrival of the ship to Bennu's asteroid in other countries

Mexico: 10.45

Colombia: 11.45

Chile and Paraguay: 13.45

Brazil (Rio de Janeiro): 14.45

Spain: 17.45

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