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Lionel Messi show: an anthology goal, a great gesture with a partner and an incredible mistake

Lionel Messi was the primary act in the victory of Barcelona against Sevilla, which gave the classification of the semifinals to Copa del Rey. "The flea" he scored the last one, the anthology, which determined the triumph 6 to 1 (6-3 in the global) in Camp Nou.

It was his won number 50 for the Copa del Rey in 70 games (Also, give 31 assists). Before that, he trembled faithfully to his style with help and excellent passes and an excellent gesture with a partner. Also missed an incredible goal, but he was redeemed with the goal at the end.

They executed the penalty that opened the game and had a prominent gesture with Philip Coutinho.

In recent weeks, the Brazilian player has been criticized, and even had a meeting with Coach Ernesto Valverde. For this reason, before the great chance of winning, he demanded the punishment of Rosarino, who hesitated to accept it.

This is not the first time that the Argentine has such gestures with his teammates. In the past season, he gave several penalties for Luis Suarez to break the negative sequence or to ensure that he will end up as the top scorer of the tournament. He also agreed with Neymar's request several times.

Sergio Roberto's help.

Encaró at full speed from the right area of ​​the area, hung in front of three defenders and left a maestral help so that his companion turns so much into the fourth.

His incredible goal is wrong.

With the game 4-1 (4-3 globally), Messi had a shot on his feet after the excellent help by Luis Suarez, who decided to give him the ball instead of defining the crossed-out. In the race, "Bolva" climbed several times and when defining the finish line the goalkeeper Juan Soriano escaped both with his leg.

Shocking running in the 88th minute.

With two minutes to close, "Flea" had an impressive start. He landed for Vidal, who did the same for Jordi Alba and he attended Luis Suarez.

The purpose of the anthology, as a final touch.

How can it be otherwise, the strawberry to dessert put Lionel Messi. A deadly counterattack, with nine touches, many of the first, added a crossing to the Argentine network.

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