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Leo Cohen Arazi spoke about the appeal against Darth: "How much time …?"

After cancellation Telma Farn against Juan Darts there was great support for the young woman of artists and public opinion in general. The actress recounted a frightening episode of violence and rape on behalf of the actor when she was only 16 years old and was touring Patito Feo in Nicaragua. From their testimony, many famous women began to tell their stories and create a great movement #MiraComoNosPonemos, which goes beyond the borders.

However, in the last few hours a completely unexpected defense was not even known by Darts, because LeThat's Cohen Arazi, RRPP arrested in April and released in September in the case of juvenile abuse at Independent Club Atlatika, addressed the issue of planting polmica. From his Twitter account, we la irona and see what his position is about quitting against a refugee actor in Brazil.

A public relations specialist, in the middle of the version that Telma Fardin's appeal was fired in Nicaragua (something quickly denied by his lawyer and then herself), Coen Arazi used the opportunity to defend the actor: Hi. At what time do you apologize to Juan Darts because he ruined his life without a strong condemnation? Express spicy from a microblogging network.

To some of you who have thank you forever. Enjoy their feelings, open them and fill them with love. Those who live in lies and full of hatred and discontent hope that the love of Christ in their hearts. Merry Christmas, wrote Cohen Arazi, and then point to the press. In search of news and sensationalism, media destroy lives, families, and even kill, invent or repeat things that never existed. When they are wrong, they are silent. The damage is irreparable, it continues, before throwing the bomb and supporting Darts.

The Special Public Relations Specialist was arrested on March 28 this year, when he voluntarily submitted to the judge who referred the case, in which there were no news in recent months. After spending nearly half a year behind bars, Cohen Arazi was released when the House of Cassation decided to take away the preventive jail. Since then, Coen Arazi has used his Twitter account to refute accusations against him and now comment on problems and generate controversy in this way.

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