Friday , May 7 2021

Lautaro Martinez's father's appeal to Inter coach

Tottenham defeated Inter 1-0 for the penultimate round of the group stage and the teams coincided with scoring up to the date of the definition. At last, the English will visit already qualified Barcelona, ​​and the Italians will receive PSV Eindhoven. Lautaro Martinez remained among the substitutes of Neroazzurro and his father exploded.

Mario José Martine Twitter on his account: "Kaagon is going with you, I continued as you are going through luck". Several European media realized that their message was addressed to Inter coach Luciano Spaleti because he did not include him as a starter or gave him minutes in the set (his teammates Keitá Balde, Borja Valero and Joao Miranda entered).

His message was posted at 19, only when the action ended in London. A few minutes later, a bahiense who developed as a footballer at Villa Miter, Rosario of Puerto Belgrano, Oklaria, Lanieri and San Francisco, chose to wipe it out.

Former Racing and the Argentine's current footballer have 11 official matches played this season (for the Champions League entered the duo against Barcelona).

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