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"Laura Hidalgo no …" The dancing figure didn't deny the BAR jury!

The participant used really tough words. Look!

The program of Marcelo Tinelli It is one of the television shows that has had many repercussions on and off the Thirteenth screen. Of course, the bet on "Super Dance 2019"In her 30 years on the air, she's one of the great successes of Guillermina Valdes' husband. The dancing competition leaves several pearls to develop after each gala, especially regarding the relationship between participants and jurors.

In this case, a new bomb was installed in the main information portals and the dissemination officer was nothing more and nothing less than Angel de Brito, conductor of Los Angeles de la Morning and jury member with Pampa, Florence Peña and Marcelo Polino . The little angel turned to his sharp tongue, pulled out some small towels from the sun and sent two figures in front of him.

The ants of the presenter actors were Sophie Morandi and Laura Hidalgo. The show reporter would notice that the connection between the dancer, former partner of Julian Serrano and a BAR member would not be the best. Angel exposed the lack of empathy for both by sharing a video from his Instagram account #carolosenelbar on Martin Curio.

In this post you can see that they ask Morandi with which the jury is not joined and, without hesitation, influential He responded openly: "Laura Hidalgo doesn't convince me very much. There were times that they threw comebacks with not so good vibrations, they weren't so clear, but it was more than just … judging you. I threw something like a como once. I'm a little bored, always the same, "he admitted.

As if that was not enough, the media's words went viral and reached Hidalgo's ear, who picked up the bracelet and responded sharply. "How embarrassing for her to not understand. He always said that he agreed with what he marked. We're going to try to make you understand better now, "the jury of the second phase of the social networks said. Will Sophie Morandi answer you?

Recall that the scandal is not the first to include a number of technical judges. In the latest Dream Dance broadcast, Sofia Pachano's choreography sparked a heated debate starring Flavio Mendoza, who criticized the similarity of the movements of the galley king's daughter to the duo composed by Lourdes Sanchez and Fede Ball.

In it, Tinelli found himself on Wednesday in a very difficult transition between those responsible for the achievement and Lolo Rossi, the chief choreographer and responsible for overseeing the competitors' performances. "I'm a little tired of being mistreated by all the coaches," the director defended and starred in a fierce fight with Pachano, sending his daughter ahead of him and saying he didn't want to change his mind. What kind of problem!

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