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Kirchner Accountant fears for his safety

After proclaiming such repentance, Victor Manzanares, a historical accountant of Kirchner who has been in jail since July 2017, he fears for his safety. That's it at dawn on Sunday He was transferred from Marcos Paz prison to Ezeiza Prison, where many prisoners are accommodated for the reasons for the notebooks. There are also entrepreneurs Lazaro Baez and Cristobal Lopez, which Manzanares is accused of maneuvering money for the causes of Los Soci.

However Judge Claudio Bonadio did not approve his statement as an accused collaborator. It is already known that he was talking about how then judge Norbert Oyardid manipulates the expertise that allowed the dismissal of Nestor and Christina Kirchner's then-married marriage for unlawful enrichment. It is also known that he discovered it The money laundering maneuver involves much more money from suspected prosecutors. Manzanares also related how he gave money to Nestor Kirchner's mother's house. He spoke six hours last Tuesday and eleven hours on Thursday, until he signs the contract with the prosecutor Carlos Stonelli.

Your statements are not yet part of the file and are reserved until you see the homologue Bonadio. But Stoneli himself publicly said he believed it Manzanares had "honest". Some data began to outdo the corridors of the courts. Inmate, prisoners quickly find out. For that reason, the defense of Manzanares, in charge of Roberto Herrera and Alejandro Baldini, fears for their safety.

Kirchner's accounting officer was imprisoned on July 17, 2017 on the orders of Judge Bonadío in the Los Sous case assumed maneuvers to avoid embargoes of justice and to collect rents for Christina Kirchner and her children. He has since been in the Markos Paz prison under the IRIC system, a program conducted by the Federal Penitentiary Service that became known to Kirschner prisoners.

On Friday morning, just hours before finalizing his statement to Stopline, Herrera's lawyer appeared before the Federal Constitutional Court 5, who will pass an oral trial for Los Soses and demanded his transfer to a more secure unit. There was a discussion because the secretary did not want to receive the request, saying he was not aware of his statement in the case of notebooks. They had to call the Shkrneli prosecutor, from where they confirmed the defense's version. Finally, the letter was received and the request for transfer was left to the discretion of the court.

But, according to the defense, the transfer occurred at dawn on Sunday: He was taken from Marcos Paz to Ezeiza Prison. There remained Hosted at the prison hospital, because it is de rigueur, without contact even with other arrested.

In these hours, Manzanares is angry because he feels that his repentant statement, with which he tried to co-operate, was a failure in his prison situation. He told his lawyers that he did not allow him to take out most of his clothes or a little fan that he had in Markos Paz. With more than 30 degrees of temperature, he protested because he did not even allow it to enter with mineral water.His defense will seek today's transfer to another unit: they are demanding to be the headquarters of the gendarmerie or the Federal Police. Is it from Friday afternoon, when they were processed with the result of people in the money laundering operation, Munoz, Manzanares received pre-trial detention.

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