Friday , April 16 2021

Kate Rodriguez will be a hit man in "El Marginal 3": "I shot at dawn and places that scared me"

The Panamanian model joined Marginal 3, the Underground series, which will be premiered on Tuesday, July 9, on Public TV screen and which star Nicholas Furtado (Diosito), Claudio Risi (Mario Borges), Gerardo Romano (Antin) and Martin Gusman (Emma Molinari).

The actors also joined this new season Ana Maria Piccio, Gustavo Garso, Alejandro Avada and Toto Ferro. In addition to the dancer, former players Rodrigo Mora and Rolando El Flaco Schiavi they will have a special participation in the fiction that will have eight chapters.

As you may know Teleshow, the former dancer of ShowMatch will play a wretched killer (killer) working for a Colombian drug smuggler. "He is a character who comes exclusively to doing business with brothers Borges (Furtado and Risi) and I came to put things in order. I'm not on his side, just, "said Kate, without being able to give more details of what would be seen in a series that was filmed in the midst of complete secrecy.

"I had strong scenes, there are many shootings, exile, explosions", added and emphasized the work done by Sebastian Ortega and Pablo Calell-the underworld directives – with special effects.

El Marginal 3 Trailer (Video: Public TV)

"It gave me a lot of fear. I saw the graves and I concentrated a little, but they kept me back from the production and it made me more and more cool"said who already had a stock Nina's education (2016) and You will fall in love for a hundred days (2018).

In terms of her character, Kate emphasized the difference in the style she characterized. "Those dresses like a guerrilla, nothing sexy, he also walks differently, with a more masculine attitude, has nothing to do with me!"He was honest.

"I also went to the former Kasseros prison and seemed nasty, I admire the actors who shoot there, especially at night, because it's a real jail and feels," continued Kate Rodriguez.

His Labor Projects and Defense of Lautro Acosta

After registering your special participation for Marginal 3, the model focused on his personal project. It's about conducting a weekly newscast on news related to football broadcast via its YouTube channel and its Instagram account.

Kate also wanted to defend Lanús Lautaro Acosta, whose former wife publicly condemned him for abuse: "We left for months in 2016. We did not become guys, but we ended up with good conditions and today we have a good relationship with the love that has remained. I know his family and everyone has a very bad time. He does not deserve to do it. He is not a violent person. It's a super quiet and zero conflict. "

"I talked to him and noticed that he was very sad, he told me that there was a mediation with his former mother and his son to correct the monthly payment, that he made a very good offer, but that she did not accept it and the next day he wrote it on social networks, "he revealed.

"I have a brother, friends, and it's not good for them to go through these things, not all people are thugs, I know the wonderful people who surround my life and will never do anything for a woman. Among them is Laucha Acosta"concluded Kate Rodriguez, the determinant and defending her former partner and current friend.

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