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Kabito: "They took responsibility for a situation for which I am not responsible"

Eduardo Massa Alcantara spoke with LA NACION about his departure from Bata de Todo, the cycle of panorama led by Matthias Martin Source: File – credit: Instagram

After 13 years of air and one in production,

Eduardo "Cabito" Massa Alcantara

it is no longer part of the Basta de Todo, the 95.1 FM radio program run by Matthias Martin.

At the moment when he posted a farewell message to his Instagram account, the comedian talked with him
THE NATION and gave his version of the reasons that would lead to a decision that took the cycle to get rid of their participation. According to him, the program's depletion with the program was triggering.

The driver and script writer also tells how his health is at the moment and predicts the prospects that are open to him in working matters in this new phase. Among the most solid proposals to be considered in the future are eventual inclusion in the
Your attention please, a cycle led by Nicholas Artusi and Sol Rosales and their participation in the gastronomy with Narda Lepes (with whom the radio is in conversation), which will be broadcast over the weekend.

– How are you in the mood?

– Small. After so many years of work, such a change is difficult. It was a job that transformed me and that I was transforming.

"My program exit was due to my obesity, it's not fat because he's afraid of you, because you want or because you eat, but it's a disease," said Kabito. Source: Archive

– What feelings arise from this situation?

– I feel strange and bad. In my Instagram, I have presented a part of what I felt and the situation, but there is another part that will remain in the group, as in the football team. There are things that will stay there. It would be easier for me to talk about it, but I prefer, from respect, to stay that way. I did not speak; Matthias spoke, and I just want to answer what he said, but without conflicts and no fights. It seems to me that ventilation will do more harm than it will build and the truth is that I love the program very much.

– Why do you think it was decided to terminate the employment relationship?

Matthias talked about marriage, but we are not married, we are working. He talked about my health, said he somehow influenced or that he was playing against me. I was supposed to go
Basta when I was very fat and Matthias told me at that moment that I could not go on like this, and I went out
Basta, but thanks to the management of Pablo Leete, then the artistic director of the program, I returned after the operation. But something broke. If you are expelled from the place because of your health, there is already something that is broken and I think that's what we could not go ahead. For my health, I later changed the situation with the colors that flew: I lost 125 kg (from more than 200 measured). I succumbed to a gastric bypass and I trained five times a week for more than a year and now weighs 79 years.

– But then you think it's decided to leave because you do not give everything to court or why?

– I was hyper-fat; I had apnea and nod. He nodded his head in my house, sitting and once nodding toward the air and even driving, putting his life in danger. My program exit was due to my obesity. You are not fat because you take pictures, because you want or because you eat, but it's a disease. On the other hand is the power of Matthias to throw me when I paint him, because that's his decision, in fact, the radio struggled to bring me back and the art director. The latter believes that I have given the program a lot (when
Basta She was successful, I was there with Gabi (Schultz) and Matthias (Martin), plus two producers; now we had ten thousand and the program does not do so well), then: either I was too important and my mistake is that the program does not do so well or I am not guilty now. One of the two is not. And if that was because I was very important, if I was so important, they would pay me for it, because the truth is that they did not pay me for it. The pay differentials are countless, I rent my house, so you have an idea and I have no apartments in Miami.

I'm trying to recover in my emotional and healthy part. I'm with Kormilo, trying to get weight. I'm seven pounds below what I need to mix

– A wage gap in relation to whom?

– It does not matter, I will not talk about a twine.

– How was the return to the second round?

– There was something broken and it's hard to make humor in a place where they do not want to be.

-How are you in health today?

– I'm trying to recover in my emotional and health care. I'm with Kormilo, trying to get weight. I'm seven pounds below what I need to mix. I feel healthy and I am no longer a diabetic. But I did not want to tell my problems about obesity.

-When they told you that you were leaving?

– Four or five months ago.

– Were they tight these months?

– And … That's why lately I talked a little. It was difficult to continue so.

– How did the decision affect you at that time?

– Very bad, because it seems unfair. They took responsibility for the situation for which I am not responsible, I believe. But it has to do with things we do not talk about, something inward.

-What situation do you think: the idea of ​​improving or changing radio content?

– No, it has to do with other things that I will not talk about and which will surely be disguised as it is. Also, they wanted to say goodbye in the air and did not want to face the situation when the situation was different. It is true that Matthias offered to let me fired, but I preferred to do so on my social networks.

I was operated by my family … I am clinically dead after surgery and spent four days in intensive tube therapy, and those moments help you understand who is with you

-How did the moment of your operation live (gastric bypass, in March last year)?

– In my obesity, I had to die literally. It was a risky operation and I was scared at that moment, you must be in the head of the one who will make that decision. Thank God I took responsibility and worked for my family's love for what was my girlfriend and nobody else at that time. Many wanted to hang the coconut on "it was ruled by me," but people who at that moment knew perfectly what the situation was like. I worked for my family for their support. In fact, I was clinically dead after surgery and spent four days in intensive tube therapy, and those moments help you understand who is with you and who is not, who is calling you on the phone to see how you are and who does not show up.

– Who felt really close when you made a mistake?

– There were people who were worried, people who phoned me or wrote to me, some people who did not call me and people who did not come, and people who wrote to my girlfriend a message to see how it works.

-Mathias Martin these days commented he was particularly worried about your health.

– I do not know, someone says that if you come to a sanatorium. What cares?

– How is your relationship with Metro generally?

– Radio wants to stay, it's not a radio question. The artistic director of now, Andres Pandiela, also wants to stay. Radio values ​​me personally and professionally.

– Is there a chance to stay?

– In general, when you are thrown out of the lab, if you get a manager, and another says you want to stay, it's a mimicry. We are discussing to see in which way and in which program it could be included. Several program drivers have opened their hearts and spaces for me to go into their programs.

– Which has more chances of incorporation?

– The radio needs more women, that's the truth, because there are more men than women. My involvement may be overnight. There is a chance to join
Your attention please, because Nico Artusi called me and told me that he and the radio wanted, and maybe for a new weekend program, which is related to the gastronomy, perhaps with Narda Lepes, they are talking to her. On the other hand, I devote a lot to the gastronomy, which is another passion I have, and because I already knew it, when something as deep as it broke was broken, it was difficult to take the situation forward. It broke on both sides, eye.

– It was mentioned that you were not very well lately.

-This year my grandmother died, who raised me; and I separated from my partner after eight years of coexistence. They knew it was wrong, I warned it was wrong and in any case it does not matter. And it's added to make it even worse. Now I'm trying to recover psychologically and have projects ahead of me. There are many people who love me and who call me. I am going out to speak, because I do not agree with someone who becomes a victim of a situation in which he is a perpetrator. Those who enter my place are Malena Ginzburg, whom I love, and Martin Garabal, for whom I do not know much, but respect, and I hope that they will be good, but how they want to be humorous in this context and when make casting for their installation in the air. Another thing that was said was that I went to the party, but at the time of the stage I did not go with everyone to jump. Everybody celebrated, but how will I celebrate, knowing that I am going? I went because they asked me to go. Also, they told me first that I would go in December, then in November, and then told me a week before the party. My head is in question, I am a person, a person who gave much to the program for many years: I have not taken a break for many years; there was nothing more important than the program.

-Watching forward, how will life continue?

– I give gastronomic advice to the On On chain and the The Corner, a hamburger restaurant in Lanús, and I put together the letter until January, a restaurant that will open in Costanera.

– What memories do you keep from your long journey?
It's all about everything?

– I remain with all the love they gave me and with the memory of all those who accompanied me when I worked and when I was wrong. With the program I passed the death of my grandmother and father, several divorces and many joys. For me, my salary was paid by the listeners who approached me and they came to tell me that I changed my mood and that when I got bad I got a smile.

– What future do you expect for the program now when you leave?

– Just as always, it will continue for me, with greater or lesser wealth, but it will continue, there is no problem. And that's my wish. If there is something that no one can tell you about me, it's that I am a bad person or that I am not loyal. There are more problems there and I am not. And I repeat, I'm a fundamental part of success or I'm not part of the failure. The two art directors offered to continue working on the radio, so I should not be so guilty.

– Do you want to continue in Metro?

Yes, and also everyone now learns that I'm going, maybe other suggestions come to other radios.

-When you join the programs of the panorama that you mentioned, would not it be strange to cross with classmates?
It's all about everything?

– With some I have a loving relationship for years and I will continue to look, with others, not. It's strange, but that's it. It would be as if we were going from one part to another in the same labour.

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