Sunday , April 18 2021

Juan Tinelli, a girl with her sister's brother, Candelaria

It seems that Juan Tinelli He found love in a person very close to his family. A few days ago I was posted on the networks I loved "The Boy Who Likes It".

Juanita will have a new love after the separation in March Toto Otero, son of Flor Pena

Jorge Real counted a few days ago "Intruders" that the young woman is dating Luigi Bonomi, who is the brother of Luke Bonomy, boy on Candelaria


The rumors were installed, when Marcelo's daughter released a picture in a car, holding hands with someone wearing a skull on the skull.

In addition, Luke published a suggestive picture of him with his brother and Juan. "Marcelo has very close relationships with Bonomi, who own a well-known clothing brand", said in the American cycle.

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