Saturday , July 31 2021

Journalist and anti-vaccine activist and died of influenza

Payton, 26, died on Friday, December 28, according to doctors, due to the H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, complicated by the image of meningitis.

The death of Bre Payton was shocked by his age and open vaccine rejection.

As explained by the media in that country, there was a prominent role in the conservative media and served from 2015 on the Federalist site also took part in Fox News, Fox Business Channel and the One America News Network.

But his death was not only affected by his age and suddenly, but because Payton openly expressed his rejection of the vaccines.

In his Twitter account in 2011, he announced that "vaccines are a devil", commenting on a state initiative that calls people to be vaccinated for a cough.

Although she was only 19 when she made that comment, Payton was on several occasions contrary to public health. It was very critical, for example, with the idea that affordable medical care is a human right.

The comments on social networks were immediate and pointed out the contradictory case. The outcome could have been avoided by what he criticized: a vaccine. For the influenza virus H1N1, the subtype of the influenza virus has been vaccinated for a long time.

Symptoms are the same as those of the normal flu, they are mild and last for about a week. However, some people, especially with underlying health problems, have an increased risk of serious illness. What will happen to Payton?


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