Saturday , August 15 2020

Jose Arce died, sentenced to life for his wife's crime

Widow Jose Arce, sentenced to life in prison for his wife, Rosana Galliano, carried out in 2008 in his home in Buenos Aires, Eglobal de la Cruz, He died this Saturday for ACV at the Pilar Hospital, informed court and police sources.

Spokesmen said Arce, 70, was hospitalized Thursday for a haemorrhagic stroke at the Sangvinet Hospital of the above-mentioned party in northern Buenos Aires and finally died on Saturday.

Also, because the widow was sentenced house arrest, his death should be investigated as the one of every prisoner, so Prosecutor Andres Quintana, in turn, in the Functional Unit of Teaching (UFI) 2 Decentralized Pilar, belonging to the San Isidro Judicial Department, ordered an autopsy to be performed

The injunction of the court clerk in the case investigating Arce's death is the one of the "death investigation", added judicial and police sources Telam.

Widowed and his mother, Elsa Aguilar (87), who was also sentenced to life imprisonment, they have fulfilled their penalties in favor of house arrest by electronic monitoring, for health reasons and for years.

The crime of Rosana Galliano, 29, was carried out on January 16, 2008 in his villa in the neighborhood "El Remenseau", at the Eglationion de la Cruz, where Arce agreed to take the children he had in common.

The victim received a call to her cell phone made by her husband and cWhen she left the house to talk – because she had a small signal inside – she was surprised by the man who killed the dead.

Monica, Rosanna's sister, who was with her on the night of the crime, explained the "utterances" that Ars put all day long to postpone the delivery of their children and in that way uttered to call his ex-wife at night.

When the case was analyzed in the Provincial Cassation Court, the judges realized that the "decompensation" and "crying" that Arcee manifested in a hospital in which he was found when he was allegedly notified of his wife's death was "editing".

Although the author's author was not found, the judges confirmed that "it was clear that Arsè could not and did not want to take responsibility for the execution and that he had a great mood for his mother and his money for that."

"Arce and his mother, however, are disgusting, solid motives for killing the victim, and he verbalized and acted in what represents the prodrome of gender-based violence," said Cassation.

They added that there was "sufficient evidence" of what happened on the basis of the statements of the relatives and friends of the victim, who cleared the conflict between Arce and Galliano in detail after their separation.

As perpetrators of the crime, the brothers Paolo (35) and Gabriel Leguimason (41) were tried, but ended up acquitted after several witnesses testified against them.

Meanwhile, in December 2015, the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation, with the signature of the then President, Ricardo Lorenzetti, as well as the ministers Elena Haiton de Nolasco and Juan Carlos Makeda, strongly left the judgments of Arsè and his mother

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