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Jorge Lanata | "End of Maldonado"

December 1, 2018

"A cynical case of media construction," the journalist said in his column.

Jorge Lanata

From Jorge Lanata to Diario Clarin

A few days ago, in the context of police eviction into land seizure in Puente 12, La Matanza, Rodolfo Orelana was killed. The fatal bullet entered and left the body, losing itself on the ground. When I learned that I thought it was a shame: without guidance, I would never know who killed him. Police or other travelers who opposed the arrival of neighbors?

Then I remembered that I was in Argentina: the bullet was the least important thing. Even with the bullet in hand, the arguments on both sides will remain unchanged. In our country, the facts have disappeared. In the same week, the press association was disturbed by the alleged "disappearance" of that of journalist Martin Likata, who wrote in publications and signed as Martin D'Amico.

He had pamphlets and marches and asked to seek his "appearance in life". Licata's body appeared last Saturday at a Flores accommodation facility, with foxes, with a sadomasochistic rubber braid around his neck.

By then the hypothesis was that his disappearance was fueled by an article he wrote against magnate George Soros. To think that Soros was supposed to send to kill a journalist who wrote a note full of ordinary places in the underground railway magazine, was pregnant, but it was possible. Also, some groups believed that.

We live so badly about the importance that we should think of as the deadly enemies of the system. The same happens with tapped phones: everyone believes that the state is listening, so important and viewed live.

Last Thursday, the most noisy of these myths were coming to an end: new expertise, in this case of LTO of Santiago Maldonado, again showed that the body never moved from the place where it lost its life.

Maldonado's "disappearance" was the most cynical case of a media construction that he had to face with the current administration. Many of her protagonists deliberately lied, trying to manipulate public opinion through a painful fact that became political in the worst sense of the word.

Has the gendarmes "remained"? Did they die for questioning? Makri managed to make someone disappear? – And in that case why did the craftsman without any transcendence as leader, without any "danger", except participation in an obstacle? Maldonado was a symbol before or after his death?

The country lived with detailed details of the investigation: there were various versions that are currently in the process of deception. There were no binoculars, there were no gendarmes around anyone, there were no interrogations in the secret barracks, there was a 27-year-old boy drowning.

There were black and white videos of actors K, there were lawyer lawyers who were encouraged to go with false evidence of international organizations, there was silence for many who knew that everything was a lie, there were teachers who were standing in front of their class to ask their students where it was Santiago. There were guys who before and now do not understand what happened and do not exist, now someone tells them that they have lied to them.

In the first autopsy, 55 official and partial experts concluded without a dissidence in which Maldonado died. Now, three plastic specialists from INTI and a partial expert have found that 12 tests that have been submerged for 90 days in water extracted from the Chubut River are in a state similar to those found in Santiago's pocket, which showed that the body of the tattoo artist was not "planted", and he stayed for 78 days in the same place on the river where they found him.

Finally, the judge ruled that "it is necessary to completely exclude the violent disappearance". He added: "When the simplicity of things is a patent, they fly over the troubles of false speculation. To refuse to see reality is to materialize the absurd and live in lies."

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