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Jennifer Lopez's incredible metamorphosis over the years

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December 2, 2018

At present, the Bronx diva is 49 years old. However, even his fans were surprised to see these pictures.

With nearly 50 years, Jennifer Lopez He is still one of the most popular figures in the United States and the world. His career as a singer and actress was really spectacular, and it made him gather millions of followers into the world of fun and fashion.

Today, at The Bronx Diva is 49 years old and maintains his beautiful figure, but no doubt that the metamorphosis she has undergone lately was impressive.

And besides, its more than 82 million followers Only Instagram will not change his fanatism for JLO, though now it looks very different from what was the beginning of his artistic career.

Sensational figure of Jennifer Lopez It is not a coincidence, and although the money that is being treated is too much for her, she also says she is making heavy sacrifices to possess a goddess, such as a rigorous diet and exercise. We are telling you some of his secrets.

Food is the basis for both JLo, consists of a diet based on 100% organic food and a large amount of vegetables. "The diet is based on a good balance: high quality protein and fresh nutrients rich in nutrients. Nothing industrial!", said his personal trainer Tracy Anderson.

Of course, if you want to follow your diet and want to have some drinks from time to time, there you will be in trouble because you are following this diet, the actress and singer will never see drinking without alcohol.

At breakfast, protein shake and coffee without caffeine. Vegetables are basic in the diet of Jenny from the block, so the rich salad of raw vegetables combined with a protein meal is the best option. For dinner, variety of vegetables and proteins (meat, fish or chicken), adding a piece of cereal or cinnamon.

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