Sunday , August 1 2021

It's a shame, now, except they throw me out, they lie

Carmela Barbaro exploded against the DDM producer, who accused her of refusing to renew the contract.

Buenos Aires The unexpected departure of Carmela Barbaro and Luis Bremer from El Diario de Mariana continues to make people talk. Did the manufacturer of the cycle, Mandarin, assured that none of them actually was fired, and their departure was "non-renewal of the contract" because they did not reach a monetary agreement.

"They did not even want to negotiate," they said from Mandarin to the Exittoine website. In view of this, the journalist came to the company's transfer to the company, through his Twitter account.

Furious from the version, Carmela attacked everything on social networks. "Apart from throwing me, they are committed to lying. Shame Take the responsibility," said the panelist, adding, "In the same statement they say that I did not sit down to negotiate and that I did not answer the second offer." Something did not close, did you? "They threw me out They told me they wanted me for the next year, and after that they wanted to get out of the program, pretty clear, if not, it will not be on the 31st and the first in the air, will not it?

Fury: The explanation of the company did not fall into a journalist, which was downloaded into networks.

After what happened, the version that the two journalists had been downloaded from the program of Marianne Fabiani, because of their comments against the Maurice Mackree government, reiterated.


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