Monday , August 2 2021

"It's a scandal that Neymar won the Golden Ball"

The skilled Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who bid farewell to Juventus after playing 17 years in the tournaments team, was interviewed by the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera in which he reviewed the first months in PSG and also had time to analyze some of the cracks surrounding him in the French team, as well as attackers Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbapp.

The captain of the Brazilian national team, the 41-year-old goalkeeper will be considered unjust that he never won the Golden Ball awarded by the French football magazine: "I tell Ney that it's a scandal that does not have a Golden Ball, it should be furious, if life is benign and gives you quality than usual, you should not be satisfied with being one, you should be number one ".

In the same tone, the former symbolist of Vekija Sinora also "throw flowers" at the attacker of the Selected World Champion in Russia 2018, Kiljan Mbapp. "Neymar and Mbpl's have a disproportionate talent, they can dominate football for 10 years, but it all depends on their head, and he and Neymar have the same pedigree as Cristiano Ronaldo.".

On the way to the Portuguese star, Buffon admits he would like to play in the same team as him: "I am playing with many champions, but, of course, I would like to play with him"And as for his love for football, he thought:" There is always a little envy and it is also human, but the first rule should not be conditioned by the judgments and ideas of others. Never prostitutes my ideals and dreams for money. Otherwise, I would have done it before that. "

On the other hand, Gigi was asked if the switch to the Champions League knockout rounds against Manchester United is now even more dangerous due to the departure of coach José Mourinho and the apparent re-birth of the English team: "Perhaps, but not so much for the value of the coach , but also about the state of the environment that was created. I think it's a more complicated challenge than it looks now. A football player like Paul Pogba, for example, has to try something and make a breakthrough. "

Beyond the pleasant words that Bafon told Neymar, the European press repeatedly speaks of the fact that the Scarecrower is saturated with PSG and intends to return to Barcelona. However, in a poll conducted by the Mundo Deportivo newspaper, members of the Catalan group do not intend to return to the institution following a scandal that marked their departure: 67.66% of the responses were contrary to his return, while only 32.33% repeated agreement.

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