Sunday , August 1 2021

Isabelle Masedeo explained why he does not want to be part of the Argentine Actress collection

Because Isabelle Macedo became the mother of the Whites, little is known of her. She moved temporarily away from the play and is only seen in an act with her husband Juan Manuel Urtubay, the governor of Salta. Now they reappeared amid waves of sexual harassment that have arisen in recent weeks and He explained why he does not want to be part of the Akkridi Argentinos collection.

"I do not like because I do not like the ways", expressed in dialogue with Nation However, he assured that it seems very good that women raise their voices, although always with great caution.

"You need to be respected by the way everyone can say it, because you can not put yourself in the place where you felt so much pain, but instead you can do everything possible so that it does not happen. is not as serious as the other, a woman who wants to charge the same as a man is not the same as one who goes through the tremendous pain of beating, bullying or bullying, "she said.

Isabel also referred to the complaint that Telma Fardine gave to Juan Dartzhe for rape: "I think if she needs to say what happened to her, because it was terrible, I think it's good that she shares her , that she says she assures. "

Currently, the first one Beautiful is focused on joining her husband in the election year. Salta's current governor has confirmed that he will run for the presidency of the nation and hopes that he will be greatly supported.

The Arctinas collection of Akkridini gained popularity on December 11, when they organized a press conference in Mulithettro to present a raw account of sexual abuse. The one who broke the silence was Telma Fardine, the young actress who took part in the series and the play of a decade ago The ugly Duckling. In a video, she admitted to being sexually harassed by Dartes on a tour of Nicaragua and received support from all her colleagues.

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