Saturday , October 23 2021

| Intense wind, rain and hail hit the city of Tilisarao, as well as Candelaria


The climate phenomenon occurred after 20.00 on Saturday, causing only material damage in Tilisarao. This was also due to the material destruction of Candelaria, according to reports.

Police staff 23 Detalia The regional unit 3 commissioned preventive tasks, also joined the volunteer volunteers' personal task, EDESAL, Cooperativa Telefónica and Cable Visión. Evacuees were not registered at the moment.

If there was material damage due to strong winds, which were accompanied by downpours and hailstorm, which caused the breakdown of glasses of premises, homes and private vehicles, also caused the branches and cables to fall, so they will continue the prevention tasks.

A strong storm caused material damage in Candelaria

There were broken glass, vehicles and power outages in Candelaria after the storm, which affected the city in the north of the province in the afternoon.

In an interview with the Candidarii author, Anda Doly Glellel and the head of the San Luis Solidario program, Ignacio Muñoz, he was informed about the situation in which neighbors, similar to the one who touched Tilisarao, both places under the weather alarm issued by the National Meteorological Service lived.

The mayor of Candelaria explained that only material damage was caused by this storm and that the situation is under control, while municipal workers and police personnel work to repair the damage and everything goes back to normal.

Note and photos: press the Ministry of Security.

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