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Instagram completely changes the application interface

With photos of food, vacations and daddy Nola that appear Instagram It is logical that the network, owned by Facebook, chose the Christmas season to activate the biggest change in its interface: scroll left to right to move between photos from the timeline. This is a radical change in which the damage is already seen: users have increased against the update.

Logic might make sense: if the latest application success is History, why not apply the same way to seeing the rest of the application? We already knew that this change is coming, and now it's only when the first users experience it in the majority way. Although, yes, Instagram can change the changes.


According to the person in charge of Instagram, Adam Mosery, activating the side scroll was a test that came out of control. This navigation will be soon active, but it is still too early to be found by default.

The horizontal scroll arrives on Instagram photos

Instagram completely changes the app's navigation

Picture on the edge

Although we have been accustomed to following all updates to our contacts, something common in social networks, because it is a common style (a web page scroll), we must now get used to moving in the opposite way: to the sides.

The change is activated progressively: you may have a bad luck that you have already reached your Instagram. It's not our case: in either of our accounts there is no side scroll, but it's just a matter of time. Of course, it seems that the trigger has been progress since then the company withdrew to the old interface. Did he escape?

As we have said, the new navigation of the interface is identical to that found in the Stories: instead of sliding down, we will have to move to the right to go to the next photo; and in the opposite direction to get back to the previous picture, of course. This way we skip between the images uploaded by our contacts that have access to specific profiles by clicking on the nickname of the user; and also of theirs Stories if we click on the bubble.

Although the homogenization of the application around the stories is a logical step, because they are the most popular part, with it Instagram Discard the social networking site: it's not convenient to move between the photos with the side slider. Of course, the ads will be guaranteed more attention: now it will be harder for them to pass.

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