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Indigenous peoples exposed for the benefits of the ancestors of medicine

Ann's CIC was the chosen venue for the Second Workshop between the original communities and the city's health team. The topic focused on the knowledge of the use of ancestors in medicine and the benefits derived from medicinal plants or herbs used by communities. "Sharing and merging this knowledge with hegemonic medicine is very important for the health care team," said Dr. Victor Barroso, who heads the Department's Program Area for May 25 "because it is a fact that this population is practicing and we must learn and from her. "

The community of Pinance, Clara Rosa Guakinchai and Salvador Talenka reside in this city, who took an active part in this workshop that was in charge of Soledad Bustos and Juan Aguero. They are two sanitary agents who have the peculiarity of belonging to their native peoples, and this is no small fact, since they know about the properties of herbs and their multiple uses, of course, that their ancestors inherited.

From the central level of public health, Marisa Muratore, an Indigenous health officer, participated, who stated that the goals framed in Indigenous care and that created spaces for community participation in health were being met satisfactorily.

Among the most used and propagating herbs in the area is jar, it is a shrub that adapts to the desert areas. It is attributed to medicinal properties and as it is well-reported for colds, it is also expectorant and even fights against fungus legs.

Attendees included a local health team, made up of doctors, social workers, nutritionists and health agents belonging to the original community. The inclusion of this human resource is very valuable because it knows it is responsible for its population, knows its idiosyncrasy and contributes to inclusion.

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