Tuesday , August 3 2021

Independent, who will sell to Emmanuel Gigliotti: the number of surgery and to which club he will emigrate

The operation was due to close in the epidemic of 2018 and is likely to crystallize in early 2019: Independent will sell Emmanuel Gigliotti, the top scorer of the Super League, with 12 goals (the same as Lisandro Lopez, racing). Former striker Lamadrid, San Lorenzo and Boca, who are also looking for Santos by Jorge Sampaoli, he will immigrate to Mexican football: his fate will be Toluca, a club that announced the employment of Santiago Morro Garcia (Godoy Cruz), but then dismissed the operation because the Uruguayan did not abide by "the rules of ethics and the behavior set by the institution."

On Puma, from year 31, will be transferred by a nearby number 4 million gross dollars: The Red Treasury will remain around $ 3.2m. Thus, the assailant, who managed to justify Avelaneda after crossing Boca, who was marked by a penalty missed by the river at the junction of Kopa Sudameriche 2014, will leave the Indendendien with two titles (Sudamerican 2017 and Suranga Bank 2018) and leaving a very good picture.

Lately, Gigliotti has announced his discomfort with Ariel Holland because, despite the fact that it embodied its ability to perform on the ground, it did not guarantee ownership. "I would not put my shooter at the bank"he said, creating noise in the locker.

It will be necessary to see if the conceded pass, the manager and the coach seek a replacement for him or stay with Romero (Silvio and Brian) as their insulting cards. It's worth remembering that everything points to it Red will sign Leandro Fernandez's transfer to Velez on Wednesday, opening the door to another variant in the attack.

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