Tuesday , January 19 2021

Inaugurated in Puerto Madero, a bank branch with intelligent technology

ICBC Argentina has opened a branch with a revolutionary format, aimed at providing its clients with new experience in financial services. Based on advanced technology, with biometric functions and combined with personalized and distant attention, this model of care takes place within one modern architectural design, with spaces of relaxation, which invite the client to a pleasant and functional experience.

At the branch, located in Pierina Dealessi 180, Puerto Madero, specialists-driven customers will be able to carry out all their operations (registration, product management and consulting) through innovative technological equipment of self-management, which is added to the traditional ATM services, security boxes and cashiers.

Another innovation, unique in Argentina and available at this location, is Card Center: a team that delivers credit and debit cards previously requested by the client. It also allows you to turn them there to use them.

In parallel, those who need to perform non-monetary operations will have equipment (a commercial assistant) who, with the help of trade officers, will allow them to register as a customer, open a savings account or request a credit card, perform all kinds of consultations and generate keys, confirming your identity with your fingerprint or ID.

"This new branch is focused on the experience of customers who can choose how they want to be served, because they can choose to independently manage their transactions through technology or to take care in a personalized way, in a relaxed and pleasant environment," said Horacio Muniz, Head of Retail Banking Distribution and Distribution in ICBC Argentina.

This digital transformation plan, called ICBC Evolution, includes technological reversal of the branch network. "This new model of attention links our digital face-to-face capabilities so that our customers operate in a convenient, fast and efficient way," adds Muniz.

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