Saturday , July 31 2021

In Spain, they say Boca has closed her first reinforcement

The Boca Pass market does not stop. Although attention is focused on the official presentation of Gustavo Alfaro as the successor of Guillermo Barros Scolot, management is moving with the intention of renewing the team to go looking for revenge in 2019.

According to the newspaper How, in the next few hours the landing of Junior Osmar Ignacio Alonso Mujica, better known as Junior Alonso, the Paraguayan defender of Celta Vigo. 25 years old, left and 185cm high, began his career at Sero Porneo and carried the U20 shirt in his country. In 2017, he was bought by Lille from France and was then loaned to the Spanish team on loan at the request of Antonio Mohamed.

The newspaper says that the player is already saying goodbye to his teammates in the latest practice in "Madro". The central marker, which can also play as a left back, had a continuity with Turkish as a coach, but after the arrival of Portuguese Miguel Cardoso, his departure was accelerated.

Alonso's intention is to have continuity to take the place on the list of Juan Carlos Osorio for Copa America, to be held mid-year in Brazil. During the first semester he played 11 matches (8 from the holder and 3 tickets from the bank), between La Liga and Copa del Rey.

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