Sunday , April 11 2021

"In Mar part Salary there are cases, as in the whole country, but there is no occurrence"

After the death of a 38-year-old woman picture from Tuberculosis in Quilmes and the death of a student from a school in Ezpeleta days, the care of Buenos Aires residents has increased the likelihood of a disease in the province. However, the authorities denied that this had happened.

"There are cases in Mar del Plata, as in the whole country, but there is no epidemic"explains the Undersecretary of Municipal Health, Pablo de la Colina, explaining that 1 to 2 cases are reported every month in the city, but all were treated on time, and therefore nobody was of a high degree.

In a local unit headed by Gustavo Blanco, a special committee is in charge of tuberculosis and has been working on this issue for more than 2 years. "It's a very contagious disease," says the municipal reference.

"Tuberculosis is difficult to detect, you should treat it with antibiotics, with two or three drugs in about 6 months, depending on the severity, "De la Colina said.

In addition, the undersecretary emphasized that it is vital that medical treatment connects sick people to avoid possible infections. "Therefore, Early diagnosis is essential"he said.

Among the symptoms that appear and could come to the diagnosis of tuberculosis are: prolonged fever, cough for at least a week, and weight loss.

"Serious cases are those who are not treated on time, and especially in those who have another underlying disease," the Undersecretary of Health concludes, who co-ordinates the activities for dissemination in schools at Mar del Plata for this disease, along with other members of the local portfolio .

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