Saturday , July 31 2021

"Imagine everything more terribly … and there are details that I will not say, because they are terrible." Doctor D'Amato made a strong confession!

As part of the Intruders, the most-watched program on Argentine television is not an easy task for a very simple reason: celebrities who go into the cycle are often very aggressive and the stamina of their glands can be a heavy burden for panelists who, after having to make extraordinary efforts not to lose their calmness and to say something in front of cameras for what they may later regret.

An additional detail making it even more complicated is that Jorge Real is not an easy person, as they told those who worked with him: sarcastic, mocked and always with a spicy phrase by hand, many times his employees have to withstand the mouth Amazing phrases without the opportunity to respond as they would like (the only exception to this rule is Marcela Tauro.

Damo D'Amato worked for a long time in the intruders and proved to be a brave woman who is not afraid to face any known and, in fact, do so countless occasions, creating a great admiration for her ability to be absolutely frontal when other people they prefer silence; faithful to her extreme sincerity, the young woman talked about what it means for the first time to be a mom.

It's ridiculous that unlike other celebrities who are talking about birth as the best period of their lives, painting themselves pink, the journalist was absolutely honest and admits that it was not as good as expected, in fact, there were times she felt overwhelmed from the situation of pain and inconvenience that did not allow her to sleep and made her spend the morning watching cooking programs:

They told me that I would overheat in pregnancy, I just knew that I felt bad, I could not sleep and I watched food programs. After three in the afternoon, I could not eat. My peak was three in the afternoon: imagine more and more frightening and there are details I will not say because they are terrible. I feel horribly I felt psi. I was hungry and I wanted to eat. Then I will review food programs and eat with my eyes. I swear, huh?

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