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"If we are democratic, we can not exclude it"

November 26, 2018 – 1:03
The PJ president referred to the armed party and said he "is the main opposition leader". He also said that "we must achieve the unity of peronism" and that "it must contain all."

National Police President Jose Luis Jorge said yesterday that "if you are democratic, you can not exclude former President Christina Kirchner from a possible internal party."

"I have no doubt about Christina's perinity or that she is the main opposition leader, and if she decides to present her, she will have to come and win another proposal," he said.

In Radio 10's statements, Justidelismo's leader returned to seek the unification of the opposition and realized that in that armed must be "all those who are clear that the border is everything within Casa Rosada", the reason for rejecting the possibility of separating the current national senator from that space.

"If we are democratic, we can not do it, the one who should do it is the people who vote, if the lady decides to present himself, in a great intern, it can not be the whim of someone who is very anti (Kirchner) , because they are to leave it aside, "he added.

In this regard, Jojja said that "the unity that must be achieved" within the party "must contain everything, it does not marginalize nobody," because "no one has a penny to decide who is sitting and who does not feel."

"We have to win the election to get rid of everything that rules and that brings many problems to most Argentines," he added.

The former governor of San Juan said that "it is also true that the unity is not 100 percent" of the leaders and assured that "if there is someone who does not want to enter, he will not enter," but he clarified that "this is not the idea of the vast majority of the opposition. "

Jojja stressed that there are several provincial leaders who also believe that no one should be excluded from the possible step in peronism. .

Finally, PJ President referred to incidents that took place Saturday in a review of the Copa Libertadores final that Boca and Reka should compete and believe that events "cover the fall of the industry and the crisis in the country."

Carrió does not want a PJ deal


While the UCR is agitating the inner one with the PRO in Cambiemes and the government is preparing dinner with the radicals to agree on a ceasefire, Civic Coalition leader Eliza Carrio maintains the silence and warning inward that he will not accept any agreement that approaches officialism with PJ.
"He maintains his position, he never wanted to know anything with the PM," assured the national deputy's close friends of the possibility of building bridges with peronism before the 2019 election.
The explanation stemmed from the statements of Interior Minister Rogelio Frieria, who this week in an interview with the NA stated that "we must extend the basis of the political support of Cambiemes" and said that its goal is to join the leaders of Justinianism.
Carrio is disturbed by Friggio for the way he negotiated the 2019 budget negotiations, because, according to him, he made a lot of concessions to the PJ, but also about his constant "attempts to bring" the perronists of the pro-government front.
The KC leader expressed herself through national lawmaker Marcela Campagnoli, who said on Thursday that the government "took too much care of the budget", but "PRO and UZK did not see the maneuvering".
For chaqueña, the outbreak of a panel in the judge's panel "was the second part of the plan" of PJ for "guaranteed impunity" and accuses its partners of not preventing it.

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