Sunday , May 16 2021

Ianina Latorre said a classmate gave her classes in the dressing room about how to have lovers and she told her partner that she would go to the dentist

The worst enemy! Ianina Lateror came out to say everything about a companion who gave her lessons in infidelity in the dressing room and now they are fighting.

The little angel made a strong denial of social networks furious because they invented things by saying bad things about her.

Ianina used the #yaninforma hysteria to come out and destroy his new enemy in a series of tweets.

The little angel began counting "I remember when the panelist gave me lessons about how to have lovers in the fireplace … a beautiful cold run with #yaninforma."

"Those who pretend to look good and educated are the worst # anniform"added Lateror.

Jana was more direct when she was mentioned "You remember when you said:" I tell him I go to the dentist … "I have a full mouth full! Look how nice and beautiful it is from #yaninforma."

"For today I shut up … tomorrow I go on! Do not ask me for a useless language" ininformation " The little angel closed, but immediately proceeded to give information to the comments of her followers.

"I can not bear that they are inventing for me or that they kill themselves, I'm going to say everything, I'm tired, I care about what I say., said Ioannina, who also treated her enemy as a dead mosquito and had a "hurt face".

Everything is tainted!

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