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"I will kill your son, I will prepare the flower"

November 30, 2018

Juan Cruz Chirino threatened the father of the boy who killed him last Tuesday with the shocking phrase.

Chirino and the family

Soledad Marcos (31), mother of Ciro, the boy killed by his stepfather Tholos, he said as the last five-year period of violent relationship was: "We got together and I decided to knock them down. But he insisted and said he would change." Even the killer threatened the father of the boy who ended up killing. "I will kill your son, I will prepare the flower", he said in a message.

The woman wanted to close this stage and told her partner last Monday, Juan Cruise Chirino (27) that he no longer wanted to continue with that exhausted relationship. That they need to take a distance. "I did not tell him much right, because he got violent", he admits Solitude in a statement to the police that was incorporated in the court file.

However, preventing Marcos That was not enough. The killer suspected that the removal could be final and not over. And that caused horror: He shot his partner, pierced the baby while he was sleeping in his room, then, he resisted almost nine hours built into a room in the house of 116 between 529 and 539. Finally, he committed suicide.

The event was held on Tuesday after 6. That night they passed along. Marcos He rose, climbed up and prepared to travel to Buenos Aires, where he worked. As he dried his hair in antisense, he saw a shadow that approached, and when he turned his face, he felt a flash that burned his face. Chirino I shot him without saying a word. Mom Ciro She lay in the toilet and locked the door with her body as she saw blood flowing through her face.

There I hear a phrase that left him even more moved: "The daughter of … I killed your son, now you will pay me"he shouted from the other side Chirino

Solitude he began to scream desperately. He managed to make some calls with a mobile phone: he talked with the victim's father, Abel Peñalba and with some relatives. In the kitchen was her mother, who called 911 and activated the alarm in the neighborhood. The three younger children of the couple were awakened by the sounds and were frightened in the bathroom. "Mom: Are you dead?", asked one of them. They were seconds of madness and despair.

All managed to escape from that inferno that was moving in the house of Tholos. The grandmother with the children sheltered in the living room of the neighbor and Solitude They put it in an ambulance to convey it Hospital in San Martin.

The end is known: Chirino lasted for the middle of the afternoon and was shot dead when the police entered Hockey group. Ciro He was killed and experts found that his death occurred after 16 strokes.

"He did not deserve an animal to kill his life," the painful letter from Ciro's mother

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