Tuesday , August 3 2021

"I do not want to leave the river because of him"

Radio program "On the move", the RCN, had a luxury protagonist to begin this 2019 year. It's a brand new American team with River Plate and the Colombian team: Juan Fernando Quintero. The player talked about his future at the Millionaire Club, and said his desire was continued in the team directed by Marcelo Gallardo before the next season.

"My heart tells me this I have to be on January 5th with the river, back to Argentina and I'm really happy there; everyone knows, I express the wishes of the President (Rodolfo D'Onofrio) and a technician to continue, and I hope this is best for everyone, I live the day and we hope to see what the future holds, which will soon be known, "said Juan Fernando.

Rejecting any possibility of emigrating to China, as has been speculated in the last few hours, the midfielder cleared up any suspicion and made his desire clear. "I am very grateful to the river because they gave me the opportunity and now I come to Argentina to fix the economic parts, but in my case now I do not think of China, even if it is something very big "explained Quintero. Juanfer confirmed that he will attend Friday to begin a pre-season with all of Mueco. As it was known, Chinese Tianjin Quangjiang offered 10 million euros to take over the midfielder.

Colombian midfield midfielder he referred to the relationship with Gallardo and admitted: "I feel very proud to have a coach like that because he is the person who wants you, He loves you when he has to tell you something he tells you. He is too focused on his work, in everyday, I am impressed. Today I do not want to leave the river for him, Gallardo has pulled out the best of himself and is very grateful, he is like a father "

Regarding the Colombian team, Juanfer make sure it's foreign a technician arriving to replace the Argentinean Jos Nstor Pkerman. "I do not care (who is coach of Colombia), because people who are empowered to make a decision have enough experience and we as players we must prepare for the day to be called. We do a great job, the coming adventurer must catapult and win, because this generation deserves it, "he concluded.

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