Saturday , May 8 2021

Huawei showed the New 4, the first phone with a camera on the screen

The notebook has become the most common in the Android market on the phone. Many brands use one on their phones. Generally there is a sensor or front sensors. It seems that Huawei wants to go a step further and will be an alternative to the cutout. Because the firm will launch a camera model built into the screen.

In this case, the camera will be inserted in the upper corner of the screen, and not attached to the frame. The concept that Samsung will also start, but it seems the Chinese brand will progress.

This device of the Chinese brand will come with the name Nova 4 on the market. In the picture above, we can see a concept that makes the idea of ​​the phone clear, in addition to the location of the front camera. It is expected that it will be in December when we will get this device officially. Although we do not currently have a specific date for this.

Undoubtedly, it is a phone in which Huawei returns to show that they become one of the leaders in innovation in Android. In addition to taking the lead for Samsung, which sees the Chinese brand getting closer and closer to sales.

Although there is still no exact date for the terminal's presentation, Huawei's move in this move is sure to be the first to enable the world to know this new smartphone design before Samsung can plan to do the same in a month December with the Galaxy A8 line. The South Korean firm has confirmed that it is working on the Infinity-O design, putting the camera in the same position, but, unlike what happened with the overlapping phone, now it's her Chinese rival who took the cat in the water and showed him in a scoop.

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