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How to view deleted WhatsApp messages on Android


WhatsApp introduced some time ago option to delete messages which have already been sent. But the system is not perfect and, although there are those who repent and want to hide what they told you at some point, there are options for read the deleted WhatsApp messages. And in the operating system Android This is especially easy due to the work of notifications. We'll just need an application, and the process is really simple.

In Android we have available apps that are responsible for generating historical record of notifications; that is, it automatically keep all notifications which are generated in our smartphone to review them later. And when they send us WhatsApp message, as you may think, is generated notification with the content on it. However, if they are deleted, the content is hidden and the notification has been edited. But if we have one of these applications installed on our mobile device, then we can read the deleted WhatsApp messages because the original notification will be saved.

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This way you can avoid the disappearance of deleted WhatsApp messages, if you have a mobile device with Android

Notification History Log is one of these applications. It allows us to save historical record the notifications that reach our smartphone. But it also has an interesting feature, and this is what allows us limit registration of only some of our applications. That is, we can choose from the list only WhatsApp application, so that the document with the minutes is not filled with notifications that do not interest us, because we can regularly review them. On the other hand, it has a system of backup copies which will further reduce the chances of losing deleted WhatsApp messages from other users.

The application is free and, although it is not the only one that can help us see deleted WhatsApp messagesYes, it is true that it is one of the best. If this option does not work for us, because the message has already been deleted and we did not have an application of this type installed on the mobile, there is another option: use the failure to see the deleted WhatsApps.

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