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How to solve all the challenges of 14 days

Fortune surprised us with the 14 Days of Fortnite, a Christmas event where we can get new and exciting prizes every day. In this case it is a toy based on snowballs. Today will be closing, but we show you what the other 13 were and how you can solve them.

Challenge 1

The first challenge for the 14 Days of Fortnite was pretty simple, because all you have to do is enter the creative mode of the game and thus the award is unlocked.

With the end of the challenge, the players received a special spray "GG Ornament". This spray is a parody of the classic "GG" which means a good game (good game) that appears on a Christmas ball like those that decorate the trees to represent the holidays.

Challenge 2

The second challenge consisted of a visit to two of the four major Christmas carols that were added to the map in a 7.10 update, alluding to the festivities.

These gigantic armor are spread across a map of four different locations: one north of Alameda Aulante, another west of Latifundio Lethal, even further from Picados stations, and the rest north of the Arctic Airport.

Challenge 3

In this case it is a toy based on snowballs. To accomplish this, all you need to do is to be a good friend and play three games with friends in any of the Fortune game, Royal Battle, Save the World or limited time events.

Once you have completed the three games with friends, the award will be automatically unlocked and you can search for it.

Challenge 4

The fourth event is quite special, because although it is easy to complete, he has the condition to complete the challenge of the third day to participate.

It's about hitting enemies with snowballs that are gained after the end of the challenge on day 3. You have to do it in four different games to finish the challenge. While there are a few things to keep in mind: the first is that if you hit the enemy from the near, he will not add your progress to the mission. And the other is that you can use the previous seconds to get to the bus to hit the snowball opponents and that will be considered as progress.

As for the reward, you will receive a snowman's emotion that you can equip to show them during the games.

Challenge 5

To finish the fifth day of Fortnite's 14 days, you must spend 5 gold rings with X-4 Alatormenta! Each day, the challenges of Fortnite increase their number, this time there will be five hoops that Alatormenta must pass, which is also the first challenge with the new airplane in the game.

You can know the location of the rings below, the challenge is similar to the one that was once to be completed, but while falling from the bus to the map and passing through them. Completion of this challenge will represent the possibility of getting Combat Garland for the game.

Challenge 6

It is a coincidence to find 6 nests of geese of geese on the shore of the map. Although there are many nests available, by finding only six, the challenge will be overcome and we can choose to reward them.

Below we leave a map made from the Instagram Gna.Fortnite account where you can see the location of all nests.

The challenge can be over in several games, but remember that your progress will only be saved when you finish the games without leaving.

Challenge 7

The seventh challenge of the 14 Days Fortnite event consists of using seven gifts or gods bombs during the games. The gifts arrived at the game in an update of 7.10, the first of the season and boogie bombs are quite common in prey.

Gifts also appear in the same way and by throwing them can be destroyed to get the objects they have inside, which are usually legendary weapons level and excellent items for the game. Places such as Picasso Flores, Arctic Airport and Ostend's oasis have a great concentration of gifts, so they should be your main options when it comes to opening the bus.

Once you use 7 boobies and gifts, you can indulge your challenge and get a reward from the seventh day of the event: a tourist travel supplement with a cookie cookie.

Challenge 8

We are returning to the simple challenges of Fortnite's 14-day event. To complete the mission on the eighth day, you must cause damage with eight different weapons. In doing so, you will get the "Take The L" dance, or at least a variation on it, for Christmas.

The simplest way to end the event is to enter a limited-time team (MTL) and to commit yourself to taking weapons, shoot them, and throw them away after you use them.

As a reward you will get the Take The Elf dance, which is identical to "Take The L", but with a name, a clear reference to Christmas.

Challenge 9

The challenge on this occasion will be to dance ahead of nine different Christmas trees scattered around the island.

Finding wood and playing a dance in front of you will be enough to add advancement in the mission of this day. If you do not know where to find the trees, we leave this map below where you can see where they are:

After completing the challenge, you will receive a snowflake adornment flag, which can be seen in the following picture.

Challenge 10

It's about tricks with a vehicle in different locations. To keep up with the event, you must do so in 10 different places.

The most recognizable option to complete the challenge is to take Quad and cross the map with tricks at the specified locations. You can finish the challenge in the same game if you are in a hurry, although that is not necessary.

However, remember which locations you performed tricks to avoid repeats in subsequent games. Quads appear across the map, mainly in garages. Also, keep in mind that it must fall properly to calculate the progress. If you fall on two wheels or hit an object, it will not be considered.

When performing tricks in ten different locations, you will receive the award on the tenth day of the event: Christmas wreath Graffiti.

Challenge 11

On this occasion your mission will thank the driver of the bus 11 times! It is true that each challenge has the same number of goals as the day of delivery, but with this challenge it will be necessary to play many games.

Doing this is very simple, if you play the Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One in Fortnite, you just need to press the arrow from the bottom of the command junction before jumping to thank the trip. In case your platform is a computer, pressing B will greet the driver.

Once you finish this goal, you can get one of the best prizes so far in the case: a new and brand new Frozen Pico. Remember that you have to finish the game (win or be defeated), your progress will not be counted if you leave the game.

Challenge 12

Destroy 12 ornamented snowflakes found in different locations on the map.

Flakes of snowflakes can be found mainly in Vivaracho Vivaracho, chopped foothills, Senorio de la Sal, Ciudad Comercio, Acquavon Underground, Placentero Park and Ostensis Oasis. Although they are not the only places where they are located, because there are ornaments along all the locations on the map, these are places with the highest concentration of ornaments.

Since there are 12 flakes that you need to shred, the best location is Picados Flats, which has more than 20 ornaments so you can finish the challenge in one game. However, the challenge is so recent that it will surely be the busiest place on the map.

Many of the decorations are available on foot, although others will need to be built, as this is the only way to reach them.

The award for destroying snowflakes is, in general, a snowflake emotion!

Challenge 13

The last day of the "14 Forty Days" event is here, and with it a new challenge has arrived. Since 13 days have passed since the start of the event, today you have to place thirteen devices on a creative island.

The challenge is not difficult, with the entry into the new creative regime of the game and the installation of thirteen objects on the island, it is enough to complete the mission. Once you do, you will receive Disco camouflage paper as a reward.

Challenge 14

To finish the final challenge of the event, all you need to do is register 14 breasts. The breasts are "loqueo boxes" where the weapons and the objects necessary for the game are found.

Breasts are located in all locations on the map, but if you want to finish the challenge quickly, one of the best options is to save yourself to Placent Park, and then take the road to the snow sector passing by Balsa Botin. The ground floors then turn to Socavón Soterrado and then in Ciudad Comercio. You can also lift the opposite way depending on how the area is closed.

The best part of the challenge is the award, it's Aladelta Equalizer, with a brutal design. Remember that you have 24 more hours to complete all the challenges you are waiting for

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