Monday , August 2 2021

How the weather will be on the last day of the year «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Although the morning on December 31 in Mar del Plata is shown with clear sky, sun and a temperature of 20.5 °, preparations for the New Year's dinner take away all thoughts and, as for each party, what everyone asks is how the weather will be at night and, especially, for toast?

The National Weather Service (SMN) predicts this Monday in the city of Mart del Plata a day with "little" cloudy skies and moderate winds, where the minimum temperature is 11 ° and the maximum temperature will be around 25 °.

In the morning, the sky is expected to be "little" or "slightly" cloudy and "moderate" winds from the northern sector.

On the other hand, towards the evening and entering the night, the sky will be "somewhat" or "partly" cloudy, worsening night by the rains of "moderate" winds from the northern sector.

Meanwhile, for the first day of the year, the SMN forecasts rained and stormed.

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