Monday , June 14 2021

How are the brain genes changing what they eat? |

Scientists from the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Catalonia have found that genes from different parts of the brain are changing with the food that every person eats, which opens the door for new research to deal with obesity.

Researchers who published their work in the eNeuro magazine feed mice with an unconscious diet and found that it caused coordinated changes in the expression of genes in different parts of the animal's brain, published in 20 minutes.

In their research, they studied changes in gene expression of mice who received a chocolate diet and ended up with overweight and compulsive behavior, similar to how people's obesity develops. They found that changes in gene expression were controlled by two processes: a molecular one similar to a "switch" that led to deregulation of gene expression in a limited number of genes, and another to a "tuning" that controls the genes through a more subtle process.

According to Mara Diersen, one of the researchers, "rewards, emotions and memory, attention and cognitive systems can also lead to behavioral dependence such as compulsive eating and inflexibility, all controlled by the metabolic and hedonic areas of the brain." – Hypothalamus , the frontal cortex and the striatum – and it is necessary to coordinate everything to allow people to consume much more calories than they need. "Researchers believe that full-body obesity treatments and genes are necessary that belong to key biological processes, rather than turning to one gene.

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