Sunday , May 16 2021

Here's what a man with the most advanced face transplant in the world looks like

Underwood, of California, the United States, was operated in 2017, less than a year after he tried to take his life from a blow to the face. This week new images were distributed how the collection progresses.

face transformation.jpg

This young man was operated on New York Langene in New York by surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez and a team of 100 professionals waiting for computerized maps of his cranial structure and printed guides in 3D in what was the most extensive and profound transplantation of a person in history.

Cameron Underwood faces transplants

The doctors removed the donor, William Fischer, 23, maxillary and mandibular bones, gums, gums and teeth, floor of the mouth, lower eyelids, cheeks and nose The sun.

Only the tongue and upper eyelids are the originals of Underwood, but the rest of its features are the work of ties made by doctors. "I feel very grateful"said the boy 11 months after surgery.


The donor was William Fisher, 23 years old

The donor was William Fisher, 23 years old

"Although I still feel my senses and mobility, more than anything in my lips, I am very happy with the results. I have a nose, a mouth for a smile, to talk again and to eat solid matter"he said.

Transplantation of Cameron Underwood's face Journey.mp4

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